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Having been plus size all my life, I know the struggles of finding clothes that fit and look good at the same time. I grew up with people telling me that I should lose some weight so I can fit into more clothes- yea.. bummer! But no matter how hard I tried (ok, probably not that hard) I’ve always been plump and I’m actually quite content with my own body.

Growing up in Sarawak didn’t help either- there were not many choices of clothing stores to begin with, apa lagi with plus size clothing kan? In my teenage years, my wardrobe was basically jeans, t-shirts and sports shoes. My husband literally LOL-ed looking at my teenage photos growing up- I had no sense of style at all! But besides the limited choices of clothes, there was just no one to look up to to give inspiration and to say ‘hey, being fat doesn’t mean you have to wear baggy clothes and hide under all that fabric.’

I’ve always loved fashion, so I experimented a lot with what I had at the time:
– turning skirts into dresses, pairing it with a belt and cardigan,
– turning dad’s shirts into shirt-dresses,
– turning my pants into shorts because i could find shorts that were suitable for my fluffy thighs,
– you name it!

The only decent clothes i had were ones i bought in Kuala Lumpur on my yearly trips during school holidays. And most of them at the time were based on what i can and cannot fit, not what i loved-because i didn’t have much of a choice, did i?

But of course, all that changed when i moved to Kuala Lumpur for college when i was 18 and especially when I went to studied in Melbourne. Haaaaaaa~ *insert halo sound effect* i had so many choices to choose from, i was so happy that i could finally express myself through a variety of outfits!

These days it’s slighty easier to shop with a number of brands recognising the needs of a plus size woman. To make it easier for my babes, i’ve compiled a list of stores that caters to plus size women here. Even i was surprised at how many stores-especially online stores- that are available and i’ve grown to like a few new stores that i didn’t even know exist!

If you’re as skeptical as i was about purchasing clothes online because you can’t try them on, well, here’s a post that’ll help you rethink about buying clothes online. Measurements are super important and I elaborated more in the post, so go check it out! I also have a page with all my favourite findings, where you’ll find all of my personal picks in clothes, shoes, accessories and beauty!

I sincerely hope that my blog will help you buxom babes out there! Let me know what you think or what topics you want me to cover and i‘ll try my very best to cater!

♥ Much Love,

Written by Lily Shah
Lily is a mum of two boys who loves to share her experience as a new mum going through motherhood. She also has a passion for fashion and loves empowering other women to be strong and confident.

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