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Let’s face it, going on holiday with an almost 2 year old is hard! Besides all the baby stuff that you have to bring on your trip, it’s also the energy, the tantrums and headaches that makes it even harder and at times stressful.

So here’s the thing, my husband and I decided to celebrate our anniversary on an island off the coast of Terengganu- Redang to be exact. It was our second time there because we loved it the first time we were there. And of course, since there’s three of us now, it’s only natural to bring our boy along so we can spend time with him as well.

Island holidays in Malaysia is cheap in my opinion. We paid RM479 per adult for a full-board package for 3 days and 2 nights- which means all meals are included, plus 3 snorkeling trips as well. For kids below 4 years of age- it’s absolutely FREE!  Here’s a breakdown of what’s included and what’s excluded:

Package Inclusive Of :-

  • 2 ways ferry transfer (Syahbandar jetty – Island – Syahbandar jetty)
  • 2 nights accommodation (with air-cond + hot shower + safety box 2B, 2L, 1D, 1BBQD and 2Tea Breaks
  • 2 snorkeling trip +  1 Marine Park (Excluded equipment & life jacket) 
  • marine park ticket  (charged in bill)

Package Excluded:

Snorkelling equipment fees: (rent in island, rental for whole trip)

Life Jacket – RM15 per person

Normal Mask & snorkel: RM15 per person

Power Mask & snorkel: RM 25 per person

We stayed at the Redang Beach Resort this time, which was much more comfortable, compared to Redang Bay Resort- the hotel we stayed previously. Redang Beach cost RM60 more than Redang Bay per person, but it’s much much more worth it (especially if you have kids) because:

  • Rooms are clean and bright
  • Toilet is wayyy better!
  • Beds are bigger
  • The buffet for each meal was delicious and the “canteen” as I call it is much bigger, cleaner and more organised.
  • Their swimming pool is much cleaner
  • Staff are friendly

Only downfall I would say is the beachfront. The area right in front of the hotel is quite rocky, which makes it quite hard to enter the sea and can be a little dangerous too. So you’ll have to walk a little further to the left or right of the hotel to a safe swim zone- no big deal, but it would have been great if we didn’t have to walk so far all the time. (far for me is probably not the same for you coz i have a back problem..)

So Why Wasn’t It A Good Idea?

Maybe it was the scheduled timing of meals and snorkeling trips. Nap time was being compromised- there was little nap time due to all the activities- so he probably didn’t have enough rest which made him grumpy.

The other thing was that, my boy didn’t really want to eat anything else besides his biscuits. Not sure why, but he usually doesn’t have any problem eating rice, or noodles. But this time- he refused all of it!

To top it all off, he was also afraid of the waves and the sounds it made. He was okay once we’re in the water.. but as we walk towards the sea.. it’s constant horror screams!!


Lessons Learnt

I guess the first lesson i learnt was NOT to go on a scheduled holiday. I should have just gone for something free and easy to fit my boy’s nap and meal times.

Secondly, i shouldn’t have compared or expected it to be the same as when my husband and i went just the two of us. Sure we wanted to go snorkeling and experience all the fun we had the last time, but it’s different now and we shouldn’t have expected things to much.

Thirdly, is to bring some of your kid’s familar things- his favourite toy, stuffed animal, book, anything at all to make the hotel room a bit more homey and familiar.


If you guys have tips or experiences to share with this new mummy, please do share it with me in the comment section below. I also need some advice for our next holiday, so if you have any, i’d be more than happy!





Written by Lily Shah
Lily is a mum of two boys who loves to share her experience as a new mum going through motherhood. She also has a passion for fashion and loves empowering other women to be strong and confident.

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