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Anyone else having trouble finding tea length dresses (nice ones!) here in Malaysia? I know i am… To be honest, there’s not many nice ones available in stores and if there are, it’ll probably cost you a bomb! So i’ve been doing some research and i came across a website called Dress Lily. Firstly there’s the word ‘dress’ there and secondly it has my name, so of course i was bound to look through the site.. And YES! They do have some great choices for tea length dresses plus they ship to Malaysia too!

Here are some of my favourites:

Floral Midi A-Line Dress

tea length dress black flower a line v neck

This is my absolute favourite, why? It ticks all of my boxes;

  1. It’s a V-neck – V necks in general are flattering for plus size women, it elongates the neck makes you look slimmer.
  2. 3/4 length sleeves-  I don’t like long sleeves that that all the way to your wrist and i’m not really a fan of short sleeves, so this is just perfect!
  3. It’s an A-line dress – A-line dresses is one of the most flattering cuts for any shape or size. It works well for wider hips or adds a shape for someone like me who has quite a straight figure.
  4. Black based, but not boring– i’m not sure if you’ve notice but a lot of my clothes are black based with a pop of colour. That’s just me i guess.
  5. It comes with a belt– Great for accentuating your waist line and adds a pretty detail to the dress.

If you’re wondering about material, it’s made out of polyester which means it’s stretchable and cooling too. Sizes for this dress goes up to US 18/ UK 22.

Pleated Slit Dress

tea length dress pleated slit

Another one of my favourite. Not really a fan of the round collar, but i love the peekaboo effect of the pleated material. The sleeves are long but it can be rolled up. Material for this dress is a combination of cotton and polyester and sizes go up to size US 18/ UK 22.

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Two-Toned Vintage Dress

vintage dress black and red a line

This dress has pin-up girl written all over it! It definitely has a vintage feel to it and is much more formal compared to the other dresses here. I think it’s a great option to wear for work too. Again, the A-line  is a great cut for any shape and size and the colour blocking is great a combination for someone who means business but still want to look fashionable. Sizes go up to US 18/ UK 22 as well.

Floral Print Asymmetrical Wrap Dressshort dress v neck black red

This dress just screams SEXY! From the red rose prints to the asymmetrical shape of the dress and of course the lace panels on the shoulders, this dress may be the perfect dress for a date night. Wrap dresses like these are also the type of dresses that look great on every shape. But if it’s a little sexy for you, then a long spaghetti strap camisole or tube dress worn under would definitely do the trick. And for this, sizes are available up to US 22/ UK 26!

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Mesh Panel High Low Mermaid Dress

Considered to be more on the edgy side, in my opinion, this dress is one i would wear on a night out either on a date or to a party. The high low bottom flare gives a dancy vibe that just makes you want to twirl around in this dress. Love the fact that it’s a high neck mesh top.. adds a little bit of mystery to the whole dress. Material is cotton + polyester and the sleeves are short, but not too short that it accentuates your arms. This dress is selling so fast, last i saw they only have 9 more in stock and sizes that are left are only US 14 & 16 / UK 18 & 20.

There are just so many nice dresses to choose from!

Now here’s the thing, i’m thinking of getting one.. Should i get the one that ticks all my boxes? Or a different dress?

Need your VOTE!

Please help me decide!



Ps: Leave your vote in the comment section below. Thanks lovelies!😘







Written by Lily Shah
Lily is a mum of two boys who loves to share her experience as a new mum going through motherhood. She also has a passion for fashion and loves empowering other women to be strong and confident.

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