Not so long ago, i discovered a site called Rosegal that carries plus sizes and ships to Malaysia. You can check out my previous article here. They have a lot of choices to choose from and their designs are up to date, but of course it’s based overseas so i was abit unsure about the quality and their delivery service. While doing some research i actually came across some really bad reviews talking about the product received not being like the picture and that their delivery service is really bad. Some also complaint about their customer service being terrible. But all of that was a few years back and there were not many recent reviews. So, i decided to order 2 tops anyway.

Mind you these 2 tops are not that cheap! The Black Mesh Embroidered top costs around RM68 while the Floral Cami top costs about RM74 after conversion, so i was a bit nervous about the quality that i will be getting.


I ordered the 2 tops on 17th August and they shipped out the items on the same day. You will get a notification via email that states your order number together with a reference number that can be used to check the status of your shipment. It also clearly states the shipment company that they used so you can easily check on it and that it will arrive in about 7-8 business days for a ‘normal’ country.(i was hoping Malaysia is a country they considered ‘normal’😂)

Anyway, i received the item on the 23rd of August, which is 7 days(including weekends) from the day i ordered. OK, not bad.. good start! But you also have to take note that not all will probably arrive that fast. There’s an indication on the processing time for each product listed on the site. Both of my tops mentioned a 3 day processing time, compared to other products that take about 7-15 business days. Hence probably the reason why it arrived quite fast.

Size was a bit too big, so instead of tying a bow at the back, i decided to wrap it around my body and tie it in front for a more defined cut. **White top is my own and is not included**


In terms of size, i ordered a size bigger than my usual- afraid that they will be in Asian sizes. Most of the items listed on their site do give a chart of their sizes and comparing it to US’s size, but not all have full details of the measurements of each size- ie. bust/ waist/ arm etc. When i received it and tried it on, well it’s a size too big! So.. my advice is go with your usual size!


I’ve had bad experience with ordering clothes online. Sometimes the colour isn’t what it seems to be, sometimes the material is just not up to par and sometimes the sewing is just haywire and not very clean. But for the tops that i received, i’m happy to say that they didn’t have any of the those problems at all. The quality of the material is quite high and it isn’t the thin type that is see-through. The embroidery for on the black mesh top is clean and nicely done and the sewing for both tops are great! I’m really happy!

As you can see, it looks exactly like it is advertised!

A closer look on the details and sewing quality.


In conclusion, i must say that i’m quite happy with the items i received. Do take note on the processing and shipping detail, as it is different for each item, which means that the amount of days it will take to arrive to you varies. I think with the amount of choices they have on their site, i’m definitely going to order from them again!

So if you’re looking for new clothes, make sure to check them out!
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Have you purchased from Rosegal before? Share your story and photo below! Would love to know about your thoughts and experience.

PS: Also check out bow tie blouse plus size. They have some really cute blouses there!😍😱


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Written by Lily Shah
Lily is a mum of two boys who loves to share her experience as a new mum going through motherhood. She also has a passion for fashion and loves empowering other women to be strong and confident.

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