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Althea Korea Turns ONE!
  Guess what ladies.. it’s Althea Korea’s 1st Birthday!! If you guys don’t already know what Althea Korea is,  it’s
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unboxing funky box
Let’s Party with The Funky Box
Don’t we all love surprises?! I DO!! This is my second video unboxing The Funky Box and i must say
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Do you know that feeling when there’s a sale going on on your favourite online store or when you manage to
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OMG! You have no idea how excited i was when i heard that there’s going to be a musical to
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Casual Jeans Top With Bubblegum
Lipsticks and i don’t usually go hand in hand.. it’s just that i’m too lazy to apply and re-apply again
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A stranger came up to me in the washroom and said that she’s been wanting to say this to me
A girl at my previous office once came up to me in the washroom (not exactly the most ideal place..
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unboxing the funky box
Unboxing The Funky Box
So i’ve recently received a package in the mail and i was already excited seeing how big it was. I
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Long Tunic Top With High Slit
So yesterday was a great opportunity to get a little dressed up as i was meeting my aunt for buka
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The Kimono/ Kebaya Trend
Has anyone noticed how the kimono trend is taking over the season? They’re everywhere and come is so many lovely
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