Bread is pretty much a staple for my family, the Eurasian side of my family at least.. now that i’m married to a total Melayu husband, ada roti, takde roti pun x kisah.. But nasi is a must! Huhu! Anyway, i can say that i pretty much know my breads and differentiate the good and the bad, base on my personal preference of course.

The type of bread and its quality is the base to a good sandwich- ALWAYS!

So when i was invited to review a new sandwich kiosk that just opened recently in Sunway Pyramid, i was a bit skeptical, but kept my mind open to trying something new.

The sandwich kiosk is called Sandwich Express and is located on the 1st floor of Sunway Pyramid near Maxis. It has the same concept as a major sandwich chain which i’m sure you all know, where you pick a type of bread, choose what flavour you want, pick your veggies and lastly the sauces. I also learnt that they have other outlets in KLCC, Pavilion and another two in Ipoh as well.

But what makes Sandwich Express different is their options to have croissant as your base (just add RM1.50) and you can also have your sandwich without the bread, making it like a salad instead(great for people who are watching their weight- not me! 😜). They also have some garlic bread and mushroom soup as well.

Step 1: Choose your bread

So for my first sandwich, i decided to go with roasted chicken in a wholemeal bread. I picked my veggies and then got stuck on the picking the sauce. The sauces available are quite similar to the major sandwich chain, but they did have nacho cheese and roasted sesame which was quite different. For those who are not so sure what kind of sauces to combine in your sandwich, they do provide some recommendations for you to choose from.

sandwich flavours

Step 2: Choose your ingredients/flavour

Step 3: Any add ons? Yummy!

vegetable options

Step 4: Choose your veggie

Step 5: Choose your sauce

But i wasn’t going to be boring, so i combined both nachos cheese and roasted sesame into my sandwich. I know what you’re thinking,’nachos cheese and roasted sesame together?! Ewww!’ NO! Not eww!! It was so good, trust me and try it! So how was it overall? In short:

Bread- density was thick and did not dissolve into ‘nothing’ after adding in all the ingredients.- if you know what i mean.

Meat- The meat is supposed to be the main star of the sandwich, but unfortunately for my sandwich, i think they could have added a bit more meat in it.

Veggies- Great selection. Crunchy and fresh

Sauce- The nachos cheese and roasted sesame together was actually really tasty and went well with the roasted chicken meat.

You can also make it into a meal by adding a drink and mushroom soup as well.

Step 6: Make it a combo set!

For the second sandwich, i decided to try their croissant and choose to have beef for this one. I’m a huge fan of croissants and their soft, buttery taste. But for my sandwich, i think i may have put in too much sauce, so it got a little bit soggy after a while. Nonetheless, it was still tasty! Although i still prefer the wholemeal bread a bit more.

Roasted chicken sandwich with wholemeal bread, nachos cheese & roasted sesame sauce, and a passion fruit drink

For their salads, you can choose any of their sandwich ingredient/ flavour. Either crabstick mayo, egg mayo, chicken slices or even beef streak(anything in their menu) and turn it into a salad. All salads are topped with crunchy,healthy and delectable nuts that add texture to the salad.

Chicken Slice Salad with nuts topping

What did i think about their salad? Awesome!! Love it! I had the chicken slices salad with roasted sesame sauce and it was just yummy! The nuts gave it the crunch it needed and the salad mix was just nice.

Overall, i give Sandwich Express 2 thumbs up! The star of the menu would have to be their wholemeal bread. The density is just nice and the bread is really filling. The price is reasonable and definitely worth your money! I would definitely go back for sure!

Written by Lily Shah
Lily is a mum of two boys who loves to share her experience as a new mum going through motherhood. She also has a passion for fashion and loves empowering other women to be strong and confident.

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