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Being a new mum isn’t an easy task. Learning what works and what doesn’t with your baby happens almost every month especially in the first year. My baby is 9 month old and even now i’m still learning and trying things out. Ever since he was a few weeks old we noticed that he has sensitive skin. He was diagnosed with eczema, which means we need to take extra good care of skin by eliminating things that have fragrance, paraben, alcohol, lanolin and the list goes on. It is also important to constantly keep his skin moisturized at all times to keep his eczema at bay.

Luckily for us, it seems that he has grown out of it, but we can never be too sure. So till this day i ensure that his care products are as natural as possible and that his skin is constantly moisturized. So when i came across a brand called Offspring on facebook who strives to be one of the safest, most natural and most nurturing personal care products, i jumped on the band wagon and was interested to try them out. So for all the worried mummies and daddies out there, here’s a personal review of what i think of their products, and i hope it helps!

Offspring Fashion Diapers & Ultra-thin Diapers

First Impression

My first impression of the diapers were;  “i love the design and their wide selection of designs..” (of course, because i’m a fashion mum!) and then it’s “hmm.. it’s really thin! i wonder if it’ll actually hold and last like my current diapers?”

Now the website states that the fashion diapers, “Absorbs up to 750ml of saline (8-10 hours of average use)“. That’s a lot for quite a thin looking diaper. Seems too good to be true, so we decided to test it out.

Putting it to the test

So on the day we tested it out, we had a wedding to attend. Of course i wasn’t going to leave his diaper on for the full 8 hours, but we decided to prolong a change till after the wedding or at least till he fusses about. Greatly enough, he survived using one diaper starting from his morning bath up till after the wedding which is about 5 hours. By that time, mummy was the one being paranoid and decided to do a change anyway. His bum was dry and i was just amazed at how much pee this once-thin looking diaper could hold!😂

I also noticed that the side barrier isn’t too tight as well and doesn’t leave a mark on my son’s thighs, but it is secure enough to not have any leakage.

Between the Fashion Diapers and Ultra -thin Diapers, there isn’t much difference, they both work great considering that i change my son every 3-4 hours, but of course i prefer the fashion diapers just cause they’re extra stylish.


The price is definitely on the higher scale, with a range of about RM1.00 per diaper compared to my usual diaper which costs about RM0.40 for each diaper. But considering that they use non-toxic adhesive, total chloride-free wood pulp, are ink free, cruelty free and vegan certified, you can be assured that your little one would be safe, and comfortable.

Offspring Calming Baby Oil

First Impression

I love the packaging! It’s minimalistic look and feel gives it a great sense of appeal that communicates exactly what they stand for. The oil has a yellow tint almost like an olive oil colour and the smell is really nice.

Using Offspring’s Calming Baby Oil

I’ve been using the oil for about 2 weeks now and i use it all over his body especially around his knees, elbows, back and chest.The thing i love most about the oil is that it’s non-greasy. It’s easily absorbed by the skin and doesn’t leave an oily layer which usually makes babies uncomfortable. As mentioned before, i’m very particular with the products that i put on my son’s skin due to his history with eczema, so i must say that after 2 weeks of using the oil i’m very happy and it definitely is great in keeping his skin soft.


Offspring is currently having a sale and it’s only RM55.90 which i think is a fair price for an organic certified natural essential oil. Will definitely continue using it!



In conclusion, I think i’ve fallen in love with this brand. Their overall brand, packaging and what they strive for is something that i truly appreciate. Their calming baby oil has become a favourite for me and my baby. We use it every night after bath time so his skin is prep for a long night in the air-condition and its pleasant smell also helps to give him a good night’s sleep. As for their diapers, i don’t necessarily use them on a day-to-day basis because it is slightly on the expensive side, but i love using them at night because it can hold much more saline and it keeps him dry throughout the night. They’re also helpful on busy days out like when we’re shopping or travelling.

If you would like to learn more about the brand, check out their website. They are currently having a SALE and if i were you.. i’d take full advantage of the opportunity to purchase and test out their products. They even have a trial pack starting at RM10 only!! So why not right?


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Written by Lily Shah
Lily is a mum of two boys who loves to share her experience as a new mum going through motherhood. She also has a passion for fashion and loves empowering other women to be strong and confident.

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