Gosh! It’s been so long since i’ve been here dear blog… It’s been quite a roller coaster ride. I’ve been on maternity leave the past few month and now.. The Buxom Babe is back bebeh!!


On the 22nd of November 2016, i gave birth to a lil baby boy named Kyzer Eidrix with the weight of 3.82kg. The first month as a new mom was definitely a challenging one with me even questioning my role in life and the journey that lies ahead for me. Things definitely got better after some getting used to, but it is in no way the same as the life i had before.


A major change that hit me as i begin this new journey is of course fashion and my sense of style which you’ll probably notice from here onwards… Practicality would now be the ultimate guide for me this year as i am breastfeeding, so it’s all about making sure there is easy access to them boobies!


And speaking about easy access to them girls.. I’ve decided my next post should be about breastfeeding friendly styles for the plus size women. So do come back and check that out!
As 2017 kick off into high gear for me, i hope that all of you would still support me and my blog and i hope that it stills inspires you buxom babes out there! See you on my next post!


Much Love,


Written by Lily Shah
Lily is a mum of two boys who loves to share her experience as a new mum going through motherhood. She also has a passion for fashion and loves empowering other women to be strong and confident.

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