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Weekends are usually the time when I get to spend with my little boy. He’s usually stuck at home all week, and the weekends are when I love to bring him out to play and explore the world.

Since a little guy like him learns best through play, I decided to take him to a new place I recently heard about called Kiddomo Universe. The Future Playland as they call it is unique and is the first of its kind in Malaysia.It is an innovative educational playland where your child can excite all their senses and exercise their creative imagination in a brand new way! Their unique approach combines classical play with the latest technology- something that kids nowadays can’t run away from.

As we arrived, my husband and I were given an electronic band that can be used throughout the playland. Since Eidrix is not even two yet, he didn’t get a band and entrance is absolutely free for those below 2 years of age. Which means that we only had to pay for adults, which cost RM15 per person.

harga kiddomo universe future playland

Just like any other playland, socks are required for everyone who enters. As usual, Eidrix got all excited and started running everywhere. We found ourselves at the colourful Baby Gym where there were huge building blocks and a whole bunch of baby friendly equipment.

future playland starling mall

mum and baby malaysia

The size of the baby gym is quite decent considering that most of the kids that come in are usually big kids that have other areas to explore.

future playland starling mall

Next we went to explore other areas and I was so glad to see a reading area for the kids. Eidrix loves books so it was nice that they had that area with cute little chairs and a whole range of books suitable for all ages.

future playland starling mall kids playland

future playland starling mall kids playland

The Dino Discovery was fun as well. I’ve never been in a ball pit that deep with that many balls!
In this area, kids get to look for a few Dino eggs hidden in the area. Once the eggs has been found, you get to scan the eggs at the Dino Discovery table and find out which species of dinosaurs the egg belongs too.

But I guess the Dino Discovery wasn’t that suitable for Eidrix. He was literally drowning in those balls and it was quite deep for a child his age.

Next up, we explored the dark room (as I call it) where there are more technology based games and activities such as:

Magic Mirror
Move in front of the magic mirror and see your dream character follow what you do.

Kara O Kid
A little room where you can sing your favourite tunes and star in your own music video.

Luna Slider
Slide through a kaleidoscope of stars and shapes while collecting as many points as you can.

Mini World
Create your own mini town and enjoy some fun games.

Magic Academy
A virtual game where you get to wave around a magic wand and perform magic spells.

kiddomo universe starling mall

And lots more!

You’ll be glad to know that there are washrooms available in the premise and they even have a nursing room, which is very thoughtful and GREAT!

Hand sanitizer machines are also placed around the playland to ensure that everyone keeps clean.

And I was glad to read that they sanitize the ball pool weekly, cause you probably won’t want to know all the little things that ball pool or pits end up with when you have kids around.. haha!

Inside the playland, they also have an area where adults can have their drinks and snacks while waiting for the kids. Food is also available, but are limited in choices.

I wished that they had a selection of kids meals or snacks, because you know how kids can get hungry while playing, but unfortunately they don’t. Hopefully they hear some of our feedback and consider it in the future.

Birthday packages are also available. I noticed that there are two spaces that can be utilized, one at the front of the playland and the other is the Glass House.


I think that the place is so cool and is definitely one-of-a-kind! The technology in combining traditional play and technology is amazing! It’s no wonder they were awarded  SMEs Best Brands in Children’s Educational Playland 2017/18 by The BrandLaureate.

Although I must say that kids age 3 and above would probably enjoy it the most. Kids below age 3 would probably still have fun, but will not get the full experience especially the ones that are technology based.



Kiddomo Universe Future Playland

The Starling Mall
6, Jalan SS 21/37, Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Whatsapp:  +6-012-7027-969
Operation hours: 10am-10pm, Monday to Sunday

Written by Lily Shah
Lily is a mum of two boys who loves to share her experience as a new mum going through motherhood. She also has a passion for fashion and loves empowering other women to be strong and confident.

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