FUN. FEARLESS. FABULOUS! The tagline and perfect description of what Cosmopolitan Malaysia is all about! I was privileged enough to have been invited by my dearest friend Iqa for a fun night out to celebrate Cosmo Malaysia 10th Anniversary! Woohhoo! 10 years of providing Malaysia with helpful, hot and cheeky content that keep readers coming back for more.

Having being told last minute about the party (literally only a few hours before..thanks Iqa.. huhu), I didn’t have enough time to head back home and change and do my hair etc. Thank god for husbands, this is the time where we make use of them.. wuahaha! I had to think of the easiest and most identifiable item i had in my wardrobe so he didn’t have trouble looking for it and Waa-lla! Here’s my outfit for the night:

I borrowed a clutch from kawan ku April Pang, wore whatever shoes i wore to work, kept the earings from work too and just topped it off with a whole bunch of confidence because i needed it to cover whatever flaws i had.. LOL.

The Jumpsuit is from MONKI.  It cost a little more than what i would usually spent, but it was totally worth it! The blue starry galaxy print was a stand out and i fell in love with it right away.

Cosmo malaysia

Hope you like the outfit


Happy 10th Anniversary Cosmo!

Written by Lily Shah
Lily is a mum of two boys who loves to share her experience as a new mum going through motherhood. She also has a passion for fashion and loves empowering other women to be strong and confident.

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