Gosh it seems like it was not so long ago that we celebrated raya, and now all of a sudden, the hype is back up, puasa is a few days away and baju raya promotions are everywhere!

Last year i attended the FashionValet fashion show in Black Box Publika, and this year it was back at the same venue for 4 consecutive days showcasing a wide array of Gaya Koleksi Raya from a number of well-known local and Southeast Asian brands such as Afiq M, Alia B, Fizi Woo, Khoon Hooi, Mimpikita, NH by Nurita Harith, S. Baharim, aere and many more.

I decided to attend the 4pm slot on their last day because; No. 1– Poplook who caters for plus size women is showcasing their collection in that slot; No. 2– I’m a fan of Melinda Looi’s quirky and unique designs and No.3– Well i have a day job and Sunday is the best day to attend things for my blog.. Haha!

So, how did the fashion show go?

Well, Poplook showcased their Poplook Premium for Fashion Valet collection, and i must say that i was a bit disappointed. There wasn’t anything special about the collection, and maybe because pastel colours are not really my thing, so i didn’t quite take to the whole collection. Also, i’ve been to Poplooks website, so i know that they have more than that to offer.

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As for Melinda Looi’s collection, i absolutely LOVE! Melinda Looi is known for a quirky and unique design, so her collection definitely spoke to me. I especially love the Oregano Kurung Set in Blue and Nutmeg Kurung Set in Multi, two of my favourite! Sizes go up to UK 14 only, which is quite sad, coz i’m a UK16.. huhu! Prices for her designs are not that bad as well. I mean for a designer piece, paying Rm400+ i would say is quite affordable since baju raya biasa sekarang ni pun like ranging  around RM100 to RM200, and then design mcm biasa je!

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So those were the two brands that i aimed for.. but it didn’t end there…. i was pleasantly surprised by the designs from Lim Kok Wing Fashion Club. Just look at their designs! Well for one, they are using my ultimate favourite colour combination- black and gold, plus their designs are fresh and has a luxurious vibe to it! Absolutely loveee!

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FashionValet’s entire Raya collections are divided between affordable and high price range; where the former is between RM199 to RM399 and the latter between RM700 to RM1,900. For those who prefer to try on the pieces before actually investing in one, well you can head on to physical stores at Pavilion, Bangsar Village II and 313@Somerset, Singapore.



Written by Lily Shah
Lily is a mum of two boys who loves to share her experience as a new mum going through motherhood. She also has a passion for fashion and loves empowering other women to be strong and confident.

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