So i recently posted a photo on Instagram showing my baby bump, and a lightbulb came on leading me to write this post. I’ve realised as my tummy is growing that a lot of my old clothes are getting tighter/ shorter and basically don’t fit me very well anymore, which got me thinking……. Do i have to succumb to the maternity wear that is so very limited in style and numbers? It’s hard enough to find plus size wear that fits to your style.. now i have to look for maternity wear that caters to plus sizes?!?!? Hmmm….


Well so far for maternity wear, i’ve only invested in a good pair of much needed maternity jeans which i got from H&M for RM99.90 and the black dress i wore in the pic above which is about RM69.90. I find that you don’t necessarily have to shop at the maternity section (which can be a mere square feet in a hugeeeeee store). There’s still a number of styles particularly this season where oversized tops and dresses are sort of the “IN” thing; which is great when you have a growing tummy! And of course the bardot neck top which is available in most of the stores i’ve walked into. It’s loose fitting and flare will still look flattering on your changing body and to top it off you’ll be in trend as well!

maternity jeans

h&m maternity jeans


Even if you’re not pregnant but have a problem with your belly area, i find that some of these items below can definitely help to boost up your style and minimise your belly problems:



A good pair of dark stretchy leggings are a god sent! They’re comfortable on your most bloated days. Most leggings have a high waistline that tuck in your belly and gives a streamline look especially when you tuck them into your booties or sneakers. Perfect for pre, during and post pregnancy!


2. Tunics

Not only does it let your tummy breath, they have loads of colours and pretty options that you can style in different ways- maybe over  pair of leggings or skinny jeans, tucked into a highwaist skirt or just loose and relaxed.


3. Kimono/ long cardigan

A cardigan can make an outfit pop, especially when you wear it over a fitting dress or tank top with leggings! In my case, it shows off my baby bump yet have a slimming silhouette along the sides…


4. Shift dress

A shift dress with a slight A-line is a flattering and youthful silhouette that looks great on almost anyone with any shape! Has great space for when when my tummy grows.. and can even wear post pregnancy too!


5. Wrap dress

This! Every woman must have! It’s elegant, it’s easy, it’s breathable and it looks flattering on everyone! It hugs you at your smallest area-your waist and depending on the type of material, a wrap dress can be worn on numerous different occasions. If dresses aren’t your thing.. opt for a wrap top! Looks great with jeans/ leggings too!


I’m currently 5 month and my bump is still growing.. and still learning.. any advice is very much welcomed! 😀

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Written by Lily Shah
Lily is a mum of two boys who loves to share her experience as a new mum going through motherhood. She also has a passion for fashion and loves empowering other women to be strong and confident.

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