I finally understand the working mum guilt! The guilt you feel of not spending enough time with your baby that is! So when the weekend comes around, I try my best to entertain him and take him out instead of being all cooped up at home all the time. Eidrix’s favourite word at the moment is ‘bird’ and he loves watching birds from our balcony, so i thought he might be interested to see them up close and personal!  Last weekend, i decided to bring Eidrix to Farm In the City. I’ve been seeing a few pictures on my timeline and thought we’d check it out. I just love the idea of exposing him to all the different animals- and to be able to touch them too, that’s just awesome right!

It’s actually been awhile since i’ve wanted to go to Farm In The City, but based on a few reviews i read and the pricing, i wasn’t sure if we should go- but in the end- what the heck? Belum cube belum tahu right? So when we arrived, it was a Sunday afternoon and there weren’t many people there which was great! The entrance is through their gift shop and it’ll bring you to an open area where already you can see birds and chickens just hanging out around the area waiting to be fed! There’s even an area where you can see ostriches, goats and other animals before even heading to the ticket counter.

Ticket prices are as below:

And kids below 90cm enter for free! Yeayy!

After we got our tickets, we were given a map of the whole place, and i was actually surprised that it was built and designed like you would visit a zoo or a theme park. Truth be told, i thought it was just one open land with a few shelters with different animals in them, so my expectation was definitely exceeded!

seri kembangan

One of the highlights i think in my opinion is definitely the Free-Flight Bird Aviary, where the birds would actually feed right off your hand.

petting zoo malaysia

Eidrix got to see so many types of animals, and the best part is he gets to touch them too! Remember when i said he loves birds? Now look at him when the birds are up-close:

Takut Pulak! Hahaha!

largest petting zoo in malaysia

For what you pay, you’ll be happy to find that in each station, a staff member will hand you some food to feed the animals. But you also have the option of purchasing more if you’d like. It only cost RM2, which i think is pretty reasonable.

farm in the city malaysia

We actually went quite late, so we missed some of the feeding time. My mistake was not doing research about their feeding times, so here’s their schedule so you can plan in advance on what you want to catch.

I really enjoyed showing him all the different animals and exposing him to nature. I would definitely recommend this place especially for young children. And hey, if you’re an animal lover like me.. You’ll definitely enjoy it too!



Farm In The City

Lot 40187-40188, Jalan Prima Tropika Barat, Bandar Putra Permai
Seri Kembangan.
Operation hours:
Monday : 10am till 6pm
Wednesday – Friday : 10am till 6pm
Saturday, Sunday : 9:30am till 6pm
School/Public Holidays : 9:30am till 6pm
03-8941 2099


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