When I first knew about The Butterfly Project – a community for beauty and lifestyle bloggers, I thought it was a great initiative by founder Tammy Lim and I knew I wanted to be a part of this community. I’ve been following them for a while now and whenever they had a community gathering, I almost always didn’t have the chance to join them- until NOW, and boy was it one hell of a party!

The Coachella Unity Celebration was a community gathering where members could get to know each other and mingle with other bloggers alike. There were fantastic booths from sponsors, live entertainment, great food and drinks and even a painting party! When I heard it was going to be a Coachella themed party, I was so excited because that meant that I had the chance to dress up and have a little fun! (This mama needs her “me time” too okay :P)

Let me break down what went down during the celebration because each and everyone who was involved is worth mentioning!


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Hearty Party

setia alam party venue

Hearty Party in Setia Alam was the location for the Coachella Unity Celebration.  It has 4 floors which make it an awesome space for events, parties or maybe even weddings! It even has a rooftop area that was so beautiful and Instagram-worth, I would definitely recommend it for your event or party. You can find more info about them here.

canvas art class hearty party

Hearty Party also has Arts and Crafts classes, which we got first hands experience on.  It was my first time ever painting on an actual canvas with all the pro tools. I had to get lotsa painting tips from our painting expert Yana because I was too afraid I would spoil the painting.

painting class setia alam

What do you think? Not bad for a first timer huh? LOL


Tag Booth Photobooth

What’s a party without a photobooth right? It’s just so much fun posing with some props and having a printed copy to take home as memories. Best part is you can also send a digital copy to your email so you can spam your social media feeds with these fun photos! Dah ambik gambar cantik2 of coursela need to share on our social media kan? Hehe.

photobooth for parties malaysia


Althea Korea

facemask brow pensil beauty products

Credit: Eros

On the first floor, it was a wide open space. And the first thing that caught my eye was the beautifully displayed K- Beauty products from Althea Korea.

Althea Korea is my go to place to shop for K-beauty products because they have a wide range of products and even their home-brand products are super affordable! Plus the items come in a super cute box which I really love!

Speaking about their home-brand products, displayed during the Coachella Unity Celebration, there were all of the super cute A’Boom Mask Set which include Avo-Cuddle-Me, Water-Me-Long, Sparkle-Me-Bright and Ac-Me-Peach, the A’Bloom Meringue puffs  and of course the latest addition the A’Bloom family, the Brow Wow Eyebrow Pencils.

Best part was.. not only were the products displayed, we even had our very own set to bring home! Woot woot!


Curmudgeon’s Brew

cofee chocolate milk brew custom

After moving through Althea’s colourful and fun display, I came across Curmudgeon’s Brew, which is personally one of my favourite booths simply because I LOVE COFFEE!! What really intrigued me about them was the fact that they had peanut butter coffee- which is something new to me!

Other flavours they had included vanilla, mocha, milk coffee and also a none-coffee fix which is sugar-free chocolate milk. We were given the choice to bring home 2 bottles from Curmudgeon’s Brew, so I chose the peanut butter coffee and sugar-free chocolate milk.  I must say that their chocolate milk was super yumms even though it was sugar-free, it was still delicious!


Signature Market Healthy Snacks

organic and healthy snack malaysia nuts chips grains

Moving through the same floor, the next thing I came across was a wall of deliciously displayed healthy snacks from Signature Market. They had all kind of organic and healthy products such as nuts, noodles, essential oils and even some salted egg potato chips (guilt-free ones okay)!

Credit: Eros

I brought home 3 nut mix, which is the Healthy Nut Mix, Omega-3 Mix and Low-Crab Mix and my gosh they are sooooo GOOD!!! I literally finished like the 3 pack in less than a week and I didn’t even get a chance to take a photo of it because it was so good! But here’s the link if you want to check it out. I think the best part is they make it really affordable, giving everyone the opportunity to change their snacking habits into something healthier.


Avantgarde Blooms

Next to the Signature Market display was Avantgarde Blooms. If you didn’t know what avant-garde means, well according to the Cambridge Dictionary, Avantgarde means ideas, styles, and methods that are original or modern in comparison to the period in which they are in.

They were indeed unique and different than other floral designs you’ll normally come across- which I absolutely love (I’m all about being different)! Just look at how beautiful the bouquets are, plus REAL FLOWERS too!

plus size fashion influencer malaysia


VOIR Gallery

Last stop on this floor was Voir Gallery where they had a fantastic display on their handbags plus some great spots to take photos too!

I love handbags, so when they said that I could actually bring one home, of course I ecstatic! I chose the leopard print, because you know.. I love to stand out. hehe.


Jom Party

catering sedap malaysia

On the top floor, there was a spread of delicious looking food. From pasta, to colourful mini burgers, to Asian dishes, fruits and of course dessert! The spread was so beautifully decorated and the food was amazing! I especially like the sate and fried chicken- can’t go wrong with fried chicken right?

Credit: Eros

Their dessert was super yumss too. They had a choice of different tarts- but my fav (which I went back for twice) was the chocolate tart that really melted in my mouth. I kept recommending it to the Butterflies who sat next to me during dinner because it was THAT good! LOL

fried chicken pink burger sate with lerz fruit tea


Lérz’ Tea & Coffee

Dinner won’t be complete with a drink to compliment it and for this event, we had Lérz’ Tea & Coffee fruit tea. I had the mango tea and it was so refreshing!

What I liked about them was that they individually prepared each cup, and it was hand-shaken on the spot to perfection.


Sidh Haizad Yusoff, Singer

busker performance

As the sun went down and we were enjoying our dinner, we were also entertained by a busker that Mamasan Tammy came across one day. Sidh Haizad Yusoff sang beautifully while we sat listening and enjoying the vibes of the night.

We also had a surprise performance from one of our Butterflies- Safinas Sab who is also a blogger and mummy.



This was my first party under The Butterfly Project and overall it was one of the best parties I’ve been to! Kudos Mamasan Tammy for making all this happen. I’ve always looked up to her and am amazed at how she keeps this community going while also being the Girl Boss for Althea Korea in Malaysia.

Looking forward to more gatherings and getting to know more bloggers and friends alike.

hearty party roof top

Check out details to my outfit here:  Boho Rock Chic- Coachella Inspired Outfit for Plus Size Women


Written by Lily Shah
Lily is a mum of two boys who loves to share her experience as a new mum going through motherhood. She also has a passion for fashion and loves empowering other women to be strong and confident.

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