Lipsticks and i don’t usually go hand in hand.. it’s just that i’m too lazy to apply and re-apply again and again especially after eating/drinking. But this Bubblegum shade from MAC is just to pretty not to wear.. Of course i had to find the right outfit to wear it with.. And with a wardrobe filled mostly with the BLACK clothes, it was pretty hard to find something that would match this vibrant shade of bubbly happiness. If you’re wondering how to pull off such a bright color on your lip, just do what i did; type in the lip color + fashion in Pinterest or Google and you’ve got all the inspirations you need.

jeans top


So for this look, it was pretty simple.. A casual outfit for a casual day out.. It always helps to have a hint of your lip color on your wearables, in my case it was my headband.. Just a hint of some pink cherries, nothing to drastic to balance to whole look together.

Jeans top casual

Please excuse my growing tummy… This would probably be the last i’ll be wearing this top at least till next year when the baby is out… LOL.. So tell me what you think… Yay? or Nay?

Written by Lily Shah
Lily is a mum of two boys who loves to share her experience as a new mum going through motherhood. She also has a passion for fashion and loves empowering other women to be strong and confident.

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