Here’s What Made Nespresso’s CNY Reunion Lunch Extra Special

As you guys might have guessed, I’m a huge fan of Nespresso Coffee, not just for its convenience, but also for its flavours and unlimited recipes that you can conjure up with their coffee.

Chinese New Year is around the corner and I was recently invited to a Reunion Lunch by Nespresso Malaysia. There were so many great things about the luncheon, so here’s what made it extra special.

#1 Unlimited coffee with interesting flavours!

Obviously at a Nespresso event, you’ll definitely be getting your dose of caffeine for the day. But what made it extra special was the unique yet refreshing recipes that were presented.

  • Tangerine Fizz
  • Pineapple Sparkling
  • Peanut Coconut
  • Sea Coconut Cooler

Tangerine Fizz


5-6 nos Tangerin
2pcs Dried Tangerine Skin
1 shot Nespresso Ethiopia
Top up glass with Fanta Orange & Ice

Pineapple Sparkling

6 nos Pineapple Cube
1 shot Nespresso Ethiopia
Top up glass with 7-Up & Ice

Sea Coconut Cooler

3-4 pcs Sea Coconut
1 Shot Nespresso Colombia
Top up glass with Chrysanthemum Tea & Ice

Peanut Coconut

½ teaspoon Peanut Butter
20ml Coconut Milk
120ml Fresh Milk
15ml Brown Sugar Syrup
1 shot Nespresso India

I only managed to try the Tangerine Fizz and the Peanut Coconut as I was limiting my coffee intake being pregnant and all, but between the two.. I loved both!! The Tangerine Fizz had a good balance of sweet sour and bitterness, while the Peanut Coconut, was yummily smooth.

But did you ever think that you could come up with so many difference recipes with Nespresso? Check out this link for more ideas!

#2 The Great Company

Nespresso Malaysia was kind enough to give me the opportunity to invite 3 of my followers to join me for the lunch! After a little contest on my Instagram, we finally had the 3 winners and I was just so glad to finally meet them in person.

The 3 winners were:




We instantly clicked and talked about all things life, from coffee, to family, to cancer, careers, fashion and so much more! So glad to have you gals over and thank you so much for supporting me!

#3 Awesome Entertainment by EWen Music

At first I didn’t think much about this couple sitting on stage dressed in traditional Chinese costumes and holding traditional looking instruments; until they started playing Despacito- which literally turned everyone’s head around to concentrate on them. The crowd was amazed at how sleek and smooth they were on the Guzheng and Erhu. One would expect some traditional songs, but this definitely made the girls on our table move to the beat.

#4 Amazing Deals This Lunar New Year!

If you’re thinking of getting a Nespresso coffee machine, think no more! This is the perfect time to get one. Take advantage of their super deals as below:

Inissia or Essenza Mini

Essenza Mini

RM88 OFF & Get RM88 Coffee Credit 

Inissia Bundle or Essenza Mini Bundle with Aeroccino

Innisia Bundle

RM188 OFF & Get RM88 Coffee Credit 

Lattissima One

RM288 OFF & Get RM88 Coffee Credit 

Plus, for every purchase, you’ll received a complimentary Ang Pao from Nespresso!

If you’re a coffee+milk lover, I would recommend getting the bundle with the Aeroccino OR the Lattisima One. Makes life so much easier!

Check out more about their deals on their website.

Best Diet for Pregnant Women with Gestational Diabetes

So I was recently diagnosed with gestational diabetes (GDM), which occurs in about 7% of pregnant women. It’s pretty common, but can be worrying too if not taken care off.

The reason for this entry is basically because I’m hopeless at going to my appointments, and as I’m writing this, I’m missing my 3pm appointment with a dietician in Putrajaya Hospital (don’t be like me guysss), so I decided to do my own research. I mean how hard is it to look up the proper diet for women with GDM right?

So here’s what I found.

It’s all about keeping your blood sugar level in the ‘normal’ range.

diabetes during pregnancy
diabetes during pregnancy
diabetes during pregnancy
All graphic photos above: Credit to Georgetown Pharmacy

So far, it looks like my readings are mostly in the prediabetic stage (with minor diet control). I still had my Teh O Ice Limau, still had my rice, but I tried cutting down on my ice creams, cakes and chocolates.

My Blood Sugar Levels:

Carbohydrates in your Food

According to the USCF Health Organisation, you’ll find carbs in a lot more food than you think, such as:

  • Milk and yogurt
  • Fruits and juices
  • Rice, grains, cereals and pasta
  • Breads, tortillas, crackers, bagels and rolls
  • Dried beans, split peas and lentils
  • Potatoes, corn, yams, peas and winter squash

Sweets and desserts, such as sugar, honey, syrups, pastries, cookies, soda and candy also typically have large amounts of carbohydrate.

Best diet for gestational diabetes

Here are some ways to maintain safe blood sugar levels:

  • Do not skip meals!- We should be eating about 3 main meals a day with 2-3 snacks. And by snacks I don’t mean like pisang goreng, kuih muih, keropok lekor and so on ya! I’m sure you guys know what healthy snacks are.. haha
  • Limit fruit intake- Fruits are healthy, but also high in sugar. So it’s all about moderation. And don’t you dare eat those fruits which are canned in syrup water.
  • Food portion control- You’ve probably heard or read or advised on this by every nutritional professional and maybe even your family and friends. It’s the same ol’ same ol’ diet where you have half a plate of veggies, 1 quarter protein and another quarter carbs. But it’s important I guess! So that’s why we see it everywhere!
Credit: Northwestern Medicine
  • If you think fruit juices are healthy… think again!- It takes a few fruits to make up a glass of juice, which makes it a concentrated source of carbohydrate. And because it’s so easy to just gulp it all down, it can raise your blood sugar level quickly!
  • Strictly limit sweets and desserts- Cookies, cakes, pastries all have large amount of carbs and sugar and offer very little in nutrition. It’s all also important to stay away from added sugars in your food like honey and syrup and avoid all sodas and sweet beverages!

Okay… so for me the hardest part is my lunch and dinner where I mostly have rice with some lauk. Funny thing is I’m already taking the Taj Mahal rice(known to be good for people with diabetic) for my dinner and yet, my readings are higher at night compared to my lunch where I take the normal rice. Maybe it’s the small chocolate bar after… huhuhu 😛

Source: Google

Anyway, I’m gonna try to up my game and have a go at meal prepping. That way I know exactly what to prepare and have potion control.

So if you guys have any suggestions, do let me know.. and I hope my research has help some of you out there too!

Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only based on personal research and is not intended to replace the advice of your doctor or health care provider.

Review: Love Cradle Maternity Support Belt by BMAMA

maternity and postpartum support belt

As most of you know, I’ve been struggling with severe backpain that hurts all the way down to my left leg. This started even before I was pregnant and just got worst as I was getting heavier and heavier.

So a blogger friend of mine (Thank you Sebrina) recommended a pelvic support belt that might help to ease the pain and support my pregnancy. I’ve been using the belt on and off for a few weeks now and here’s what I think about it.

A little info about the belt that I got

 Love Cradle Maternity Support Belt

  • Ergonomic design, suitable for pregnancy & postpartum wear
  • Prevents /Provide relief for the symptoms of Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) or Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP)
  • Relieve lower back, joints, & muscular pains by supporting the extra weight
  • Encourages proper posture during & after pregnancy
  • Sewn-in steel boning on the back for sturdier support

My first impression

While I was at Bmama’s HQ, I tried on several belts that they have there and found that the Love Cradle Maternity Support Belt made a huge difference compared to the other belts, considering my situation.

No 1 is probably because of the steel boning at the back.

No2. I felt that it was easy to put on and take off, as well as adjust the size as my belly grows.

Me at 30 weeks pregnant

As weeks went by…

After using the belt for some time, there are a few things that I found about it:

  • It’s a bit difficult to go to the toilet- the belt has to be positions right on your panty line, which means you’ll need to take it off every time you go to the toilet.
  • The material gets a bit loose at the back from wearing it for long hours- but I think washing it will give back its elasticity (haven’t tried that though).
  • Front strap gets a bit squished- Most probably because of my tummy type where I have more fat on the lower abdomen (not like the nice round tummies you see on slimmer mummies and the product box- maybe I need a wider strap? Hmmm..)
backpain for pregnant woman

But other than that…

I felt an instant lift of support when putting it on, which helped a lot especially when I’m standing a lot. It’s really comfortable and you can adjust the straps according to your comfort level. It is very helpful as you get heavier throughout your pregnancy.

I would recommend it to be used while you’re on the go. You can take it off when you’re mostly sitting in the office, but put it on again when you have to walk about or stand.

So in my case, I’ll take it off when I’m in the office, but make sure to have it on when I’m out attending events or meetings.

Have you guys tried anything of the same sort? What’s your experience like?
Do you have anything else to recommend for me to try? Do help a mummy out! Thanks!

Malaysia’s First Watch Lounge Concept Store

Few weeks ago, I was invited to the launch of Sevenfriday Space, Malaysia’s very first watch lounge concept store located in Robinsons Kuala Lumpur, Four Seasons Place.

Basically, Sevenfriday Space is an extension of the Swiss lifestyle brand Sevenfriday founded in 2012 by Daniel Niederer. For over seven years, the brand has been growing and making waves in the watchmaking industry through their “affordable luxury” timepieces that appeal to individuals who live to challenge the norm.

“As a lifestyle brand, Sevenfriday initially started off designing, manufacturing and selling
industrial inspired watches before deciding to increase our range with other products so that
customers can easily get other accessories and apparels to complement their Sevenfriday
watches. It is essentially an effort to offer lifestyle, in the deepest sense of the word, to our
customers and letting them express themselves,” said Daniel Niederer, Founder and CEO of

Located on the second floor of the building, you don’t just get to view and shop for the wide variety of affordable luxury products, you’ll also get the chance to take a break with a cup of coffee and cake, just in case you need a little more time to decide on which piece to get! Hehe!

Models showcasing the wide range of Sevenfriday timepieces, accessories and apparels during the Sevenfriday Space Official Launch’s exclusive fashion showcase.

The coffee bar is also known for their specialty coffee sourced from numerous famous roasters around the world, such as:

  • Simple Kaffa
  • Padre
  • Fuglen

Sevenfriday Space also stays true to their Malaysian roots by curating from local roasters like Artisan Roast, Seraph Awaken and also Supernormal Coffee Roasters.

Check out some of my favourite items from Sevenfriday below!

61 Nights of Blockbuster Films & First-in-Asia Premieres

I was in Sunway Pyramid recently and found out about this amazing back-to-back blockbuster movie line-up on FOX Movies! FOX Movies’s Nights of Incredible is having chart-topping premieres and must-see films for 61 nights starting 21st December 2018.

Hit first-run films premiering on FOX Movies during Nights of Incredible include Marvel’s mega-colossal superhero showdown Avengers: Infinity War as well as the brand-new Black Panther; heartwarming family film Wonder; and surprise box-office smash-hit musical The Greatest Showman.

I personally can’t wait for A Bad Moms Christmas and Black Panther coz i haven’t had the chance to watch it yet!!

For its big finale, Nights of Incredible ends with an action-packed Marvel Marathon starting from midnight on 1 January 2019. Tune in to see Marvel Universe movies back-to-back, featuring the world’s most famous superheroes battling it out – there’s Avengers: Infinity War, Thor Ragnarok, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, The Amazing Spiderman 2, Captain America and more!

With a hit movie every single night for 61 nights, Nights of Incredible has something for everyone.

Tune in to Nights of Incredible every night until 31 December at 10:00pm on FOX Movies, available on unifi TV in HD on Ch 401.

You can alsso check out the January 2019 highlights below:


Fresh New Look for Sarawak’s 1st McDonald’s

ronald mcdonald restaurant

4 years after i was born, the first McDonald’s landed in Kuching, Sarawak. And on its 25th Anniversary,which is this year, it finally gets a fresh new look! Like finally!

If you guys didn’t know already (because i didn’t), McDonalds Padungan was the first McDonald’s restaurant to open in the whole of Sarawak and it is finally remodelled as part of the organisation’s innovative plans to modernise experience for customers.

The transformation of the Padungan restaurant incorporates various new features and innovative customer service concepts, which include: –

  1. Table service, where customers can order their meals at the front counter or via one of the ordering screens and choose the option for their food to be served at their chosen table.
  2. Self-ordering kiosks (SOKs), where customers can place their own orders and customise their meals according to their preference.
  3. Dual point service that enables customers to order through the SOKs or the front counter, before picking up their food when their order numbers are flashed on screen.

  4. Cashless transaction convenience so that customers can easily pay for their meals using credit or debit cards.
  5. Digital menu boards to showcase the menu and on-going promotions, improve customer experience when ordering over the counter.
  6. High speed WiFi connectivity for the benefit of always-connected customers

The grand opening was also made more special with McDonald’s hosting a community event at the restaurant to assist the underprivileged community in Sarawak.

The event saw the handover of school packs to local primary school children. This is an annual “Back-to-School” programme spearheaded by McDonald’s Malaysia and Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) in collaboration with the Ministry of Education Malaysia. As part of the programme, more than 880 primary school children from Sarawak will receive school packs in preparation for the 2019 school year session.




NESPRESSO LONG BLACK FRIDAY- Coffee Lovers, You Wouldn’t Want To Miss This Amazing Sale!

couple husband and wife drinking coffee

SALES, SALES, SALES! This November seems to be all about crazy offers, but it’s not over just yet because Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner! But this year is not going to be like any average Black Friday. Nespresso Malaysia is taking it a step further by bringing you LONG BLACK FRIDAY!

What’s that supposed to mean, you ask?

Well, instead of the standard Black Friday sale which starts on 23rd November this year, Nespresso is starting their amazing sale two days earlier, hence the “Long” in their Long Black Friday sale—which is pretty smart I think!

With this opportunity, you get to purchase your Nespresso machine or coffee before anyone else! This gives you the chance to stay up late with some Nespresso coffee to keep you up and awake to do all your late-night Black Friday shopping!

So starting the 21st of November up to 26th November, be sure to head on to Nespresso Malaysia’s website to get your hands on some awesome deals!


My Pixie Experience

I’m so fortunate to be able to review Nespresso’s Pixie machine. Besides coming in red, which is one of my favourite colours, Pixie is also small and fits nicely in my little kitchen. Despite its compact size, what I also love about it is the fact that it can hold up to 0.7 liters of water—which means I don’t have to top up water every single day.

Pixie is also one of Nespresso’s SMART model. It has a smart alert system that will notify you when the tank is almost empty, which is great because I tend to overlook these things when I’m rushing in the morning.

nespresso malaysia gardens mall

During the Long Black Friday sale, you’ll also be able to find a Pixie bundle set which comes with an Aeroccino Milk Frother that will only cost RM 699  with the purchase of 100 capsules- instead of its original price of RM1149.😱


milk froth homemade capuccino

To me, you must must must take up the Aeroccino Milk Frother if you love your coffees with milk. I am so in love with the Aeroccino—the fact that it can froth up your milk to make the perfect cappuccino or lattes makes me literally obsessed with making my own cup every morning, not just for myself but for my whole family! It’s just so fun to make, and it looks beautiful too!

So my advice is, if you’re a coffee lover and have been thinking about getting a machine for yourself, take advantage of Nespresso’s Long Black Friday sale and you won’t regret it!


Nespresso Long Black Friday  <– CLICK HERE






A Taste of Luxury at an Affordable Price

city hotel with pool kuala lumpur

If you live in the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur, you’d understand how precious time with our loved ones can be. Minus the time you’re at work, the hours you’re stuck in the traffic jam, and then prepping for dinner; what are you left with? An hour of quality time with your babies before you say goodnight to them? Not a lot of time when we’re constantly working five days a week and sometimes even on the weekends.

Alila’s Sky Lobby

This is why I find going on a little getaway every once in a while such a necessity. It doesn’t necessarily need to be out of town, in fact you’ll find a number of places that are perfect for a staycation right here in the city. Staycations are a great way to take you out of your routine and give you quality bonding time with your little family(especially if you’re living with your in-laws or extended family).

My boys and I recently stayed at the newly opened Alila Bangsar. Located right in the heart of Bangsar, the hotel occupies the topmost floors of a mixed-used development known as The Establishment. We were greeted at the hotel’s sky-level lobby on the 41st floor and was instantly amazed by the beautiful view from its wide and fully glassed windows. Filled with natural light and fresh greenery, I could tell that the hotel was an environmentally conscious one- and I was right. Continue Reading

The Reason Why I Kept This Pregnancy A Secret For So Long..

I’m finally comfortable to share the news that I’M PREGNANT- againnnn.. huhu. I’m currently 19 weeks now and about to hit the halfway mark.

I’ve been keeping this news to ourselves for quite some time. Why? Well, to tell you the truth, it came as a surprise and we were not planning for another till Eidrix is at least 3 or 4 years old. The moment I found out, I cried.. not because I was happy, but because I was sad, disappointed, frustrated… I was thinking about what my life would be like with another baby so soon.. the sleepless nights, the hardship of breastfeeding, the lifestyle that I’ll miss out on, the financial aspect.. call me selfish, but that’s exactly what I thought.. and maybe i am selfish. I wasn’t ready.. I felt like I just got some time to breath now that Eidrix is coming to 2 years old.. and now I’m gonna be back into that life… Continue Reading

Nespresso Master Origin: Mastered by the Craftsmen, Inspired By the Land

Have you ever thought about what makes a great cup of coffee? Is it the type of beans? The country it’s from? Or is it how your barista would make it? Like most of us, i know a good cup of coffee when i get one, but i just can’t seem to point out what makes it great- until recently.

pavilion kl

Last week, Nespresso introduced its Master Origin range. It’s an improvement of their Pure Origin range- a collection of selective, premium and high quality coffee. But what could be better than carefully selected, premium, high quality coffee right? Well, let me tell you- it’s the unique harvesting and coffee processing practices that each country has.

The Master Origin range comes from five different origins, each with its own unique processing method: Ethiopia, Indonesia, India, Colombia & Nicaragua.

Here is what makes each of these coffee special in their own way:

Continue Reading