Top Food Spots in Kuching- By a Kuchingite Living in KL

Why take the word of a Kuchingite living in KL? I don’t actually live in Kuching, and I wasn’t exactly born there. BUT i was brought up in Kuching and my family still lives there. I fly from Kuala Lumpur to Kuching every few months just to make sure i get my Sarawakian food fix.

And every time i go back to Kuching, there are always these few number of places that I MUST visit every single time i’m back. I would love to recommend other sights and places to go in Kuching, but honestly the best thing to do in Kuching is eat! So here it is! Here are some of the usual places that i go to whenever i’m back.



This ain’t no ordinary food court. Top Spot is specifically a seafood food court that is almost always full! Not only is the seafood there fresh, prices are really cheap too! Imagine feeding a family of 8 under RM200-  and i mean with crabs, prawns fish and all that!

Tip: Best time to go there would be at 6pm for an early dinner. And try their tebu lemon- it’s the BOMB!



kuching breakfast spot

One of the best place to have your breakfast. I remembered when they were still a small coffee shop in a shop lot- they’ve now relocated to a bigger space, but now seats are hard to get! Be ready to hover over people and wait till people as they’re constantly full. Expect to have some awesome roti bakar, laksa sarawak, and some other old school signature Sarawakian breakfast meals.

Tip: Go there as early as 8am, to better your chances of getting seats and food too!




Credit: @nabmac


Chong Choon for breakfast, Swee Kang for tea time! One of my personal favourite is the White Lady- a sweet sour combination of various jellies and fruits! Have it with some Cha Kueh and Cucur Udang and you won’t regret it!

Tip: Try out their Beehoon Belacan too!



Credit: @tedd_ezzran

One of the must have dessert while i’m in Kuching! I heard they have one in Klang Valley as well, but not as good. I personally have never tried the one in Klang Valley but this DP Ice cream in Kuching is da bomb!

Tip: It’s located in a super small shop lot in the heart of Kuching city. Best to park at the side of the road, grab and eat on the go!



One of the best laksa in my humble opinion. The sauce (kuah) is much thicker compared to other places- same people dislike it, some people love it, it really boils down to personal preference. But their prawns are super fresh!

Tip: Order the special and get bigger juicier prawns!



There are a few branches around Kuching, but i usually go to the one in Matang near my house. It’s an alternative to Swee kang and serve almost the same drinks and tea time snacks such as cucur udang, rojak buah and beehoon belacan.

Tip: Don’t go to the one near Green Road, tried it and it sucks!



kuching best seafood

Here, you’ll also find an array of seafood stalls that serve some of the freshest seafood! The stall that we usually go too is Ing Chai Seafood. We like coming here sometimes when we don’t feel like eating at a crowded and noisy place. I think it’s one of the best seafood place especially when you have young kids, it’s less busy and less crowded.

Tip: Order the Kedondong Asam Boi.. omg! you won’t regret it! It depends on season too, so when you have the chance, grab it!


For those of you looking to go to Kuching, you can get your Cheap flights from Kuala Lumpur to Kuching on the Traveloka site! Rainforest Festival- one of the biggest fest every year in Kuching will also be happening soon, so it’s a great time to book your flights, go to the fest and eat eat eat!

If you have any other suggestions on great food places to visit, let me know in the comment section below! I need to explore new great places in Kuching!


Kiddomo Universe Future Playland : A Mummy’s Review

mum and baby in pool of balls

Weekends are usually the time when I get to spend with my little boy. He’s usually stuck at home all week, and the weekends are when I love to bring him out to play and explore the world.

Since a little guy like him learns best through play, I decided to take him to a new place I recently heard about called Kiddomo Universe. The Future Playland as they call it is unique and is the first of its kind in Malaysia.It is an innovative educational playland where your child can excite all their senses and exercise their creative imagination in a brand new way! Their unique approach combines classical play with the latest technology- something that kids nowadays can’t run away from. Continue Reading

Condominiums Vs Serviced Apartments: Things To Know Before You Buy

Generally, any multi-storey residential building is called an “apartment”. However, more and more terms are being thrown about to describe what is traditionally called an apartment: condos, serviced apartment, SOHO, SOFO, SOVO and etc. This result is that terminology between apartment, condominium and serviced apartment has been distorted over the years.

A condominium is an apartment that has facilities such as a swimming pool, gymnasium, multi-purpose hall, etc. While an apartment or a condominium that is built on commercial land is differentiated with the term serviced apartment.

So, what are the differences between a condominium and a serviced apartment? Read on to find out.

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Top 3 Reasons Why The Lattissima One Creates Special Mornings

What is one of your must have moments in the morning before starting your day? For me, it’s a good cup of coffee and spending time with my boy before heading off to work. Lily before coffee and after coffee are like two different people. Believe me, you probably wouldn’t want to be friends with ‘no-coffee’ Lily.

The best kind of coffee are the ones that are freshly brewed. Unlike instant coffees, freshly brewed ones has that extra aromatic smell that is sure to #AwakenYourSenses . But i’m always super busy and at times can’t afford to take a detour to get my morning fix from my usual cafe. Continue Reading

Best Baby Wipes For Make-up Removal

Let’s be honest, it’s not like I don’t buy make-up removal wipes or creams or oils, it’s just that you tend to run out and you haven’t had time to restock- right mummies? So i’ve been going through this a few times because i hardly have time for myself these days and i thought, why not share my discovery.

So far I’ve tried 4 different wipes:

Fiffy Baby Wipes

Pureen Baby Wipes

Offspring Baby Wipes

Aeon Topvalu  Baby Wipes

I’ve tried all these wipes to remove my daily make-up and not all works great. So here’s a little review for each of the wipes and their ranking:


#4 Offspring Baby Wipes


For make-up, offspring falls at #4. It’s a little bit harder to remove make-up. I’m not sure if it’s because they are an all natural product or because of the ingredients they use, but yea, i had to use 2 big sheets and even that left me with black lines under my eyes after washing my face. One thing for sure, they are awesome to take on the go and is my favourite when it comes to clean up time for my boy due to its thick and wide sheet and towel like material.

#3 Pureen Baby Wipes

Pureen Baby Wipes is another great option for messy times and diaper changing. The material is soft and smell great too. It’s not as thick and wide as Offspring, but does the job well too. For my make-up, not that great. It soft for the face and slides quite nicely but would need 2-3 sheets to really get all my make-up off. i always find that i would need to use the wipes again after i’ve washed my face to really get my make up off especially around the eye area.

#2 Aeon Topvalu Baby Wipes

Make-up wise, it does a pretty good job, plus it’s cheap! So i don’t mind using a few sheets to wipe off my make-up. i use this alot at home especially to clean up after my boy’s meal times and messy times. i also use this to clean my kitchen and dining table sometimes.

#1 Fiffy Baby Wipes

I actually got these Fiffy Baby Wipes as a free sample in a Goodie bag. Ever since i tried it to take my make-up off , it’s been my go-to and #1 wipes for removing make-up when i don’t have my ‘proper’ wipes. I find that most times i only need to use one sheet and it instanly gets the job done. It slides really nicely on my face too and doesn’t dry off my face.


I’ve also tried lotion on cotton wool as well, but that doesn’t really do a good job. Do you guys have any other suggestions on how to remove make-up when you don’t have a make-up remover? Leave your comment below!



Don’t Miss The Biggest Online Baby Fair in Malaysia!

Exclusive Deals, Free Shipping & Amazing Giveaways

Ever since I became a mum, Baby Fairs is a must in order to get the best deals and restock on baby essentials. But the one thing that I hate going through, is the massive crowd and the trouble of looking for parking! So when I heard about Lazada’s Big Baby Fair sale happening on the 28th of March to 1st April, I was so excited! This gives me the ease of getting everything that I need from the comfort of my home or office.

The Big Baby Fair sale is offering exclusive deals and discounts up to 80% off a wide range of the latest baby products. There are about 19 international baby care brands that’ll offer a wide variety of baby products from diapers, milk formula, baby essentials and toys. Some of the brands that are participating include- MamyPoko, Sweet Cherry, Pediasure, Philips Avent, PONEY, Fisher Price and so much more! Continue Reading

CAROUSELL LIVE! – Shop For A Good Cause


The Malaysian Red Crescent Society (MRCS) is partnering with Carousell, one of the world’s largest and fastest growing mobile classifieds marketplace for its Carousell LIVE! flea market happening this weekend, 10 and 11 March 2018, at Publika, Solaris Dutamas. The event will be used to raise fund for MRCS’ activities such as the disaster relief operation, health and community service, capacity building as well as in youth development.

The event will provide a physical platform for MRCS to sell their pre-loved goods donated by the public as part of its on-going efforts to raise funds. The items will be listed on Carousell to extend the fundraising’s outreach beyond Klang Valley. Continue Reading

#FavFashFind: Loving This Plus Size Spring Collection!

It’s spring season and I’m loving the collections I see online! I recently came across this new site called Zaful and I can’t wait to get a few things for my Bali Trip! I’ll be heading to Bali with my girlfriends in April, and ordering from sites overseas usually take a while, hence why it’s best to order now!

Wondering about the few things i’m looking at? Check them out, they’re so pretty!

 Pineapple Strappy Skirted Tankini

plus size swim suit malaysia

I just got to have this! Pineapple prints for spring? Why not right?

Or maybe something like this and match it with a pair of short?

Ruffle Leaf Print One Piece Swimsuit

zaful plus size swimsuit malaysia

High Waisted Casual Plus Size Shorts

Or what about this cute skort romper??

Floral Plus Size Skort Romper

I haven’t figured out what exactly I want, plus I’m kinda on a budget, so if you have any suggestions for me please do let me know in the comment section below!

Farm In The City Review: Is It Worth A Visit?

I finally understand the working mum guilt! The guilt you feel of not spending enough time with your baby that is! So when the weekend comes around, I try my best to entertain him and take him out instead of being all cooped up at home all the time. Eidrix’s favourite word at the moment is ‘bird’ and he loves watching birds from our balcony, so i thought he might be interested to see them up close and personal!  Last weekend, i decided to bring Eidrix to Farm In the City. I’ve been seeing a few pictures on my timeline and thought we’d check it out. I just love the idea of exposing him to all the different animals- and to be able to touch them too, that’s just awesome right!

It’s actually been awhile since i’ve wanted to go to Farm In The City, but based on a few reviews i read and the pricing, i wasn’t sure if we should go- but in the end- what the heck? Belum cube belum tahu right? So when we arrived, it was a Sunday afternoon and there weren’t many people there which was great! The entrance is through their gift shop and it’ll bring you to an open area where already you can see birds and chickens just hanging out around the area waiting to be fed! There’s even an area where you can see ostriches, goats and other animals before even heading to the ticket counter.

Ticket prices are as below:

And kids below 90cm enter for free! Yeayy! Continue Reading

How to Get the Best Flower Bouquet in Singapore

A flower bouquet is an appropriate gift to give on any occasion, but a flower bouquet from Little Flower Hut I bought a few days ago is absolutely one of the most beautiful and special gifts I ever gave myself. I bought flowers to simply make myself happy because i simply love fresh flowers. I read some articles on flowers that convince me to buy one myself, and I’m really happy that I did.

I came across Little Flower Hut from their Instagram (@littleflowerhutsg). They have such a HUGE collection of flowers in pretty arrangements. I was excites to get one and immediately went to their website (they provided the link to the website on their Instagram too). There are so many flowers to choose from, and I was kind of having a hard time deciding on one. But I finally decided on a bouquet of Sunflowers since they are really bright and  loud just like me. Haha! Continue Reading