Plus size curvy fashion style on budget

Hey everyone!

My name is Liyana Elisabeth Shah aka Lily aka The Buxom Babe. I guess the first thing you’d want to know is- What in god’s name is buxom?! Well first of all it’s pronounced [buhk-suh m] not bosom- we’re not talking about boobs here ladies- and it means, (esp of a woman) healthily plump, attractive, and vigorous. Exactly the words that i would describe me and my beautiful readers, don’t you think?

I started off  The Buxom Babe to empower women through this blog and to provide tips and information of all things +plus into one site- making it easier for full figured women- especially in Malaysia & South East Asia- to shop, get style tips/inspiration and access to all the information they need to feel confident, gorgeous and sexay!

I’ve basically been a plus size girl all my life and no matter how hard i try.. i’ve always been plump (kinda blame mum’s genes for this.. LOL). I was born to a German/Indian mother & a Chinese/Indo-Dutch Malay father ~Yup! I was born in Kuala Lumpur but spent a majority of my lifetime growing up in Sarawak- so yes I consider myself a Sarawakian- Orang Sarawak ba kamek!

Now that I am a Mummy, my blog has evolved along with me. I’m still seriously passionate about plus size fashion and body positivity, but I now have an additional passion, and that is my two boys #KyzerEidrix & #KyzerRenzo. I’m also currently the Editor for Parenthood Magazine Malaysia and a freelance writer.

So read on, explore The Buxom Babe and leave a comment, because I would love to hear from you!

For collaboration matters, do holla at me at lily.thebuxombabe@gmail.com