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In this day and age where Instagram plays a big role in our life, and likes and followers are all what people care about, it’s hard not to compare ourselves with others. But despite all the insecurities that it can provoke, social media has also given us a platform for self love and positive vibes, without taking into account the the size or shape of our bodies.

The body-positive movement is not about encouraging an unhealthy lifestyle of thin-shaming. It’s all about encouraging people to be more kind and forgiving towards their body with the goal of improving overall well-being and health be it physically or mentally. The main focus is about building self-esteem through improving one’s self image, be it by nurturing and maintaining one’s weight, working -out or changing a lifestyle for a better outlook in life while building more confidence in yourself. It’s all about supporting each other to better self-esteem and these body-positive advocates do just that.

Check out these fire-ry and fierce body-positive advocates and let them inspire you be it through fashion, quotes and overall self confidence.

1. Tess Holliday


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As you all know, yesterday was tough. I appreciate all your love & support. So, today we’re celebrating girl power with an amazing giveaway! My girl @studiomucci and I are giving you two chances to win a ton of cute stuff! Including makeup 💄 from @benefitcosmetic , apparel 👚and accessories from @daisynatives and tassel garlands 🌈 from @studiomucci Here’s how to enter! 💖 1. Follow all 4 accounts: @Tessholliday, @studiomucci @benefitcosmetics and @daisynatives this post 3.Spread the positive vibes by tagging a friend and saying something supportive! 👭 Two lucky winners will each receive all of the items listed. The giveaway ends Friday. The winners will be notified! Good luck! 🍀#effyourbeautystandards #girlssupportgirls

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2. Gaby Greg


3. Jes Baker


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💕Friends! I have something REALLY important that I want to share with you, so PLEASE READ 💕 A few years ago, Virgie Tovar created this awesome image to go along with this equally awesome quote. A few months later, without realizing consciously that I was appropriating her message, I made a similar meme that you may have seen floating around (or perhaps even shared).💕 In creating this and allowing it to spread, I made an enormous mistake and harmed someone who's voice is critical in the movement. How? Because you could argue that I plagiarized this idea from Virgie, and you'd be right. I may not have done so purposely, but that's the thing about plagiarism: When we get an idea from someone else, regurgitate that idea, and don't credit where it came from, we're stealing. And that's not cool. Regardless of the intentions that I had behind the creation of this image, plagiarism is not and will never be acceptable.💕 And I want to try to right this wrong.💕 So, I humbly ask that you no longer share my meme. But I hope that you DO share Virgie's. Because she deserves credit for this concept, as well as infinite gratitude for the contributions she has made in the Fat Acceptance Movement that benefit us all.💕 I'm sorry – openly, to all of you, and personally, to Virgie – and am thankful to have had this brought to my attention. We can all do better in this work, myself included. 💕

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4. Honor Curves


5. Megan Jayne Crabbe


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It is possible to find beauty in the softness. It is possible to fall in love with a body that you never believed was worthy of love. It is possible to find peace after spending a lifetime waging war against your body. It is possible to recover. And if I can go from being the girl on the left, terrified, lost, completely consumed by anorexia, to the body positive, belly roll embracing woman I am today, then you can find peace too. 💜💙💚🌈🌞 P.s. I haven't posted a recovery picture in a while, because I NEVER want you to think that you have to look like the picture on the left to have an eating disorder. You don't. EATING DISORDERS COME IN ALL SHAPES AND SIZES. And every single one is worthy of recognition and treatment. Eating disorders are mental illnesses, not sizes. But today I realised that it's nearly 10 years since I was first diagnosed with anorexia. 10 years on, and I'm about to finish writing a book teaching other people how to make peace with their bodies. I didn't even think that I was going to make it out alive, let alone make it to where I am now. So this is to show that girl on the left how powerful she really is. This is to show her everything that she was capable of. This is to show her that she survived, and not only that, she thrived. I wish I could go back and show her that she had the power to do anything in the whole world all along. So this will have to do. And to everyone who's still fighting, this is to tell you that I believe in you. 💜 #bodypositivepower

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6. Paola


7. Virgie Tovar



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Written by Lily Shah
Lily is a mum of two boys who loves to share her experience as a new mum going through motherhood. She also has a passion for fashion and loves empowering other women to be strong and confident.

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