Notice how on some days people ask if you’ve put on weight and on some days they compliment you for looking slimmer than usual? Well it’s no secret that the clothes you wear play a big role in making that happen. Make everyday a ‘compliment’ day by knowing these 5 mistakes that make you look bigger than you actually are.


Wearing clothes that are not your size

Be it a size too small or a size too big, wearing clothes that are not the right size is a huge mistake. Wearing baggy clothes and clothes that are a bit too big are not solutions to hide your love handles, instead it just makes you look frumpy and big. As for wearing sizes too small, well you can imagine all the unwanted rolls and muffin tops that just accentuates your fats.

Cropped or ¾ pants

Unless you’re planning to head to the gym, avoid these type of pants. Pants that end between the knee and ankle can highlight your thighs especially when you’re wearing flats and are on the average or shorter side in terms of height.

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Baggy on Baggy

I’ve always hold on to this principal: If i wear a loose top, then it has to be fitted jeans or skirts. And if it’s a big or flowy bottom, then the top has to be body hugging. Never ever wear baggy on baggy.. You’ll just be drowned in all that fabric and look like a hot air balloon.

Printed Pants

Have you ever seen me in printed pants? Hell NO!.. now you know why la kan? Printed pants bring all the attention to your bottom and thighs.. And unless that is what you want.. I suggest avoiding them at all cost.

‘Potong Payung’ tops

The ultimate culprit is what i call umbrella tops. If you’re a buxom babe like me, this can be one of the worst things to wear.. Ever!! With a flare that starts right above your chest area, this means, the bigger the boobs, the bigger the flare, the bigger you look!

So in conclusion, i think kalau dah badan besar tu tak payahla nak pakai baju and sluar yang terlebih besar yerrr….

Got other tips to share? Don’t be shyshy to comment in the section below okay!

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Written by Lily Shah
Lily is a mum of two boys who loves to share her experience as a new mum going through motherhood. She also has a passion for fashion and loves empowering other women to be strong and confident.

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