Just like any party, it takes 2-3 months(at least)  for planning and in just 2-3 hours, it ends just like that!

Eidrix’s First birthday party was a blast and a success! Although, I must really thank Tedboy Bakery because technically I didn’t have to do much at all. There was a little bit of a hiccup at the beginning, but it was instantly solved thanks to the manager there. So if you’re interested to know more about the party, read on for my full story.

Party: Eidrix 1st Birthday Party
Time: 12.30pm – 3.30pm
Location: Tedboy Bakery @ The School, Jaya One
No of pax: 70 adults, 30-40 kids

The Playroom

If you read my previous post on planning a 1st birthday party, I basically laid out the reasons why I chose Tedboy Bakery @ The School. It mostly had to do with the play room they had, which was absolutely great to have because with little kids and babies, the closed and air-conditioned room seriously is a life savior, where kids can crawl, run around and play without parents having to worry too much about their whereabouts. If you’re planning to have your party here, you’ll get the room closed up for you for free and you’re given an access card so you can easily monitor kids going in and out of the playroom.

At one point, we wanted to play a few party games in the playroom and those games required to have music. But unfortunately we couldn’t get the PA system to work that time, so we had to play music from our phone, which ended up wasn’t loud enough. It was totally my mistake for not informing Tedboy’s team earlier, so learn from my mistake and make sure you tell them your plans beforehand so they can get everything fixed to you prior to the party.


The Party Package

tedboy bakery the school jaya one pjThe fact that Tedboy Bakery had an overall party package is also another factor that lead me to have the party here. The party package includes:

  • F&B- Birthday menu-RM45/pax
  • Dessert table – RM888, which includes:
    • Fondant Birthday Cake
    • Backdrop & cake toppers according to customers theme
    • 7-8 different types of sweets and desserts
    • Happy Birthday Banner
  • You also have a choice of kids menu if you want to add on.

Actually all you have to do is email the Tedboy Bakery team, tell them about the party you’re planning, the number of pax and the date you’re looking at- and they’ll basically come up with a quotation and you can adjust it from there.

I was first quoted RM 50/pax for adults menu and RM 15/pax for kids menu. But I decided to cut the kids menu entirely and asked for a simpler menu which resulted in RM45/pax for 60 pax DESPITE me having invited 70-80 adults and 30 kids. Was it enough? I’ll elaborate under the food section.

Anyway, the party package also includes the playroom as mentioned above and also a 20 % discount for coffee/tea/smoothies etc.


The Food

Tedboy Bakery’s team prepared a wide variety of food, dessert and drinks, my package includes:

  • Asian soy braised chicken & kimchi
  • Stir fried mixed vegetables
  • Nasi goreng cina
  • Spaghetti aglio olio (spicy)
  • Mini assorted finger sandwich (tuna & egg mayo)
  • Breaded chicken & fries
  • Bread & butter pudding with vanilla sauce
  • Fruit platter
  • Ice lemon tea
  • Plain water

At first I was afraid that I had ordered too little- 60px menu for 100 adults+kids. But of course most of the kiddies were babies so they couldn’t eat this anyway. To my surprise the amount of food leftover after the party was so much I had to send my brother to the shop to buy some tapau tupperwares so people can bring some food home. And it wasn’t because the food was not delicious.

As the host of the party, I was also worried what people would think of the food. But to my delight, every single person I asked loved the food so much, especially the Spaghetti Aglio Olio. Even my ever-so-hard-to-please German grandmother complimented the food. So I know that what people are saying is true and not just to jaga my hati. Haha

So here’s my compliment to the chef! He was even nice enough to come out of the kitchen to make sure the food was enough and everything was in order.

The Dessert Table

So as you can see, we decided on a Baby Shark theme because it was Eidrix’s favourite song (other than me singin ABC while changing diapers ever since he was born, to keep him calm.. haha). I didn’t know what to expect with the birthday cake and dessert table. All I knew was that I’ll be getting a few types of dessert which includes:

  • Red velvet cupcakes
  • Icing cookies (according to theme)
  • Mini blueberry cheese tart
  • Mini banana walnut butter cake slices
  • Mini lemon maringue tartlets
  • Fruits poppers dipped in chocolate
  • Sweets in jar

fondant cake design and cookies

At the beginning, I wanted to get someone else to do the dessert table and décor at a cheaper price, but decided that it’s just too leceh and messy. What I liked about Tedboy Bakery’s dessert table was that, even though it was slightly pricier than market price, they used REAL DESSERTS and not just store-bought candies and marshmallows. These were proper desserts that everyone could enjoy and let me tell you, there was no regrets at all! The desserts were delicious, the cakes were moist, the lemon meringue really gave you that lemon kick and my favourite, was the red velvet which I sneakily brought home after(the extra ones la :P).

As for the backdrop and cake toppers, the team sent me an email prior to the party to get the designed approved. Of course there was no problem with the designs and I just wanted to add his name to the backdrop. Unfortunately when I arrived on the day of the party, the backdrop did not have his name on it and I was asked if I brought my own banner/signage. Of course I did not! And I panicked a little, but the manager there was so kind and said not to worry. There must have been some miscommunication. Anyway, he got the team to print out letters and pasted them on the banner.. All in all okayla.. it didn’t look like cutout paper in pictures right? 😛


Overall I would say that the party was a success! The team at Tedboy Bakery was very helpful and attentive! The dessert table was set-up a little late due to their cooking class which they had right before our party- but thank god most of my guest as usual la Malaysian timing.. only come at 1pm/1.30pm haha. The food was excellent, and the playroom awesome- a must have for parties that have young children. So I’m giving Tedboy Bakery @ The School, Jaya One 5 stars for excellent food and service!


Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. I’m merely sharing my experience hoping that it would help parents out there decide on their party ideas. Although, I did get a small discount- because I’m charming like that (bahahahah).Hope it helps give you an idea of what Tedboy offers!
Written by Lily Shah
Lily is a mum of two boys who loves to share her experience as a new mum going through motherhood. She also has a passion for fashion and loves empowering other women to be strong and confident.

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