Do any of you realize how ridiculous some plus size clothings are in Malaysia?

I was browsing a group i joined a while back on Facebook that sells plus size clothing specifically in Malaysia and GOD, how ridiculous can their clothing be? They’re selling everything that is wrong for a plus size body- whether you’re curvy or have a straight cut (like me), everything was just wrong and i felt so heartbroken for some of the choices we have available.

It’s no wonder why some of my buxom babes have low self esteem- There are hardly any clothes that can actually bring out the confidence in them because most of the things available are just not flattering at all!

Here are some examples:


1.Look at the middle line of this top.. Now what’s wrong with it?



The line stops right in the middle of your bust area, which is the most protruding part of your body instead of hugging you on your smallest part- which is your waist!

Do people realise that this just makes us look bigger than we actually are? OMG! Obviously they don’t.. And the people selling this are totally ignorant to this fact! 


2.Horrible and unlogical mix of colours and designs that are just YUCK!



OMG i think i just died looking at this top.. it looks like someone put together some extra cloths together to make a top. LIKE SERIOUSLY?!?!? Who in god’s name would wear such a thing? I know that we plus size women should be daring with colours, but this takes it a little too far with the mix of colours and patterns… SIGHHH…..


3. Shiny materials that are non stretchable



The key here is picking the right material and picking the right size. What it looks like in this pic is that all her fats are being stuffed into a pair of pants that is obviously too small! And with that material, i can imagine the discomfort. If you haven’t seen my previous blogpost on the Joy FlexiPants then i would definitely recommend you to check it out.


4. Baggy tops with baggy sleeves.


😭😭  Everything is wrong with this top.. The arm hole is HUGE and it’s baggy making your arms look saggy and bigger than they actually are. The pattern is not flattering and you can see that even this model looks bigger than she actually is!

And please don’t give the excuse that it’s modest and it’s best to cover your aurat, because in fact.. There are so many examples of hijabistas that dress stylish yet modest, just look at some of these women:


Here are some other problems that we plus size women face:

  • Finding clothes that are stylish
  • Finding clothes that are stylish yet AFFORDABLE!
  • Finding the perfect size that fits your problem area ie arm/ tummy/ bust etc and is flattering
  • There is no standard plus size measurements- in one store XL is a size 44 and in another size 44 can be XXXL! 🙄
  • And the list goes on!

Do comment below if you agree..


YES, it is hard to be a plus size babe in Malaysia compared to Western countries like the UK, US and Australia where they do have much more choices for plus size women, but that is not an excuse to dress down all the time and be less confident with yourself.

If you’re not sure where to look, i’ve put up a whole page that lists down many of the plus size stores (online and physical) that are available and ships to Malaysia here. 


What do you guys think? Agree? Disagree? What else is wrong with our plus size clothing selection?


Written by Lily Shah
Lily is a mum of two boys who loves to share her experience as a new mum going through motherhood. She also has a passion for fashion and loves empowering other women to be strong and confident.

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