REVIEW: Fujifilm’s Instax Square SQ10- Is It Really Worth It?

I’ve always loved cameras, vintage cameras especially- even though i some of them don’t produce films to shoot anymore. So when i got the chance to review the new instax Square SQ10 i was ultra excited. Why? Because its a hybrid of instant print and digital technologies. So let me tell you first hand, that i personally love the camera. I know there are some people who think that it kind of takes out the fun of an instant printing camera, but for me, i prefer being able to edit and print the photo when i think it’s ready to be printed.

So why do i love it?

instax square format

It’s instax’s first camera to print in square format, which i actually prefer because it’s wider and you get to fit more things into the frame.

It has 10 different filters to choose from. And you can choose these filters before or even after you’ve taken the photo.


You can also control the brightness, which can also be adjusted before or after taking the photo. This is such a blessing because i know alot of people who’s biggest problem is this.. All of sudden take the picture then black pulak kluar! You know what i mean!

The camera also has vignette control to give you freedom to express your creativity. But be careful when you use it, because polaroid cameras naturally has a certain effect to it and you don’t want to make it too dark.. (unless that’s something you’re actually going for) Nonetheless, you can always preview your photos before deciding whether to print or not.

Shooting modes

Other shooting modes include:

Double exposure- where two shutters go off and the two pictures combine into one image

Bulb– the shutter opens while it’s being pressed

Macro– from a distance of 10cm

Double exposure

Below is a sample of what a photo looks on screen vs after printing, no effect. You can see that printed photo is slightly more darker than what you see on screen.. So keep that in mind when editing your photos before printing.

Sample print compared to what’s on screen

For those who think that the instax square SQ10 is taking out the fun of a traditional instant print camera, well you’ll be glad to know that there are 2 modes available for the camera, so you CAN still have your photos printed instantly. All you have to do is just which the mode to Auto.

Auto & Manual mode

As for me… i’ll keep the mode on manual. Saves me a lot of the film which is not at all cheap. A pack of 10 films is about RM48. And for the camera itself, retails for about RM1328.

So to summarize, the reason why i love this camera is:

  • Lots of different shooting modes to choose from
  • Am able to edit before and after taking a photo
  • You can reprint the same photo as many times as you want
  • it’s simple and user friendly

But would i actually purchase it? I’m not so sure. I’m afraid it will just sit on the shelve with my other cameras after a while.. LOL

What do you think? Is it worth it?

You be the judge.








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  1. The camera is fancy but pricey. Just got myself a camera for my work and it was “only” RM1699.

    • Yup.. it has a lot of digital options.. gives you the freedom to edit your creation instead of getting unpredictable photos with the other instant print instax

  2. I haven’t use a Instax before, and I find this interesting. I will check this, definitely!

  3. omggg.. wish i can own this. really love how you can edit and print out only your favorite picture. i need this so much!!!

  4. Wow didn’t know Instax have such innovative product now! With filter and a screen to check the framing, gotta get my hand on it.

  5. Wow it’s so advanced these days last time it’s auto settings and most of the time it’s ether dark or over exposed

  6. The camera is cool and i love instax especially during parties, but the film its a bit on a high side. Hope that they can come out with a cheaper films.

  7. is nice that there is a screen available as compared to looking through a view finder. However the price is on a higher side…I think I could get a decent camera at that price too hehe

  8. Wow, the pictures is clear and nice. Want to owe this instax. But price a bit pricey.

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