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One of the best on-the-go sandwich in Kuala Lumpur
Bread is pretty much a staple for my family, the Eurasian side of my family at least.. now that i’m
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Breastfeeding While Working A Full Time Job
When i was pregnant, i decided that i would want to breastfeed my child till the age of two. I
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body positive on instagram
7 Body-Positive Advocates You Need To Follow On Instagram
In this day and age where Instagram plays a big role in our life, and likes and followers are all
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How Funny The Universe Works At Times
Hey guys, just want to point out how funny the universe works sometime. Last week, one of my dearest and
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Influence Asia 2017 Awards
Over the weekend, i had the pleasure of attending Asia’s largest social media award show- Influence Asia 2017, where top
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5 Ways to style your long cardigan
Creating and styling different looks with a piece of clothing is one of my passion. Not only does it give
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5 Mistakes that make you look bigger than you actually are
Notice how on some days people ask if you’ve put on weight and on some days they compliment you for
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Patched Badge Printed Skirt
A lot of people have been asking about this outfit of mine and especially the skirt and shoes, so i
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Eye Am Stylish- Are you?
Back when i was in primary school, i remember thinking of how cool it was to wear glasses and i
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