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Here’s Why Plus Size Women Are Terrified of Shopping Online
If you’ve read my previous post on some of the problems with plus size clothing in Malaysia, then you’ll know
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Breastfeeding & Plus size friendly style tips
I NEED TO GO SHOPPING! Well, every woman would probably have that urge, but for me it’s a desperate need
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New Year, New Life, New Journey
  Gosh! It’s been so long since i’ve been here dear blog… It’s been quite a roller coaster ride. I’ve
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Here is what’s wrong with plus size clothing in Malaysia
Do any of you realize how ridiculous some plus size clothings are in Malaysia? I was browsing a group i
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What i really think about Mis Claire’s Joy Flexi Pants
Being a plus size and finding a pair of pants that fits perfectly is no easy task. It might fit
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How to naturally look taller and leaner in photos
Okay, read up Buxom babes.. I’m sure everyone would like to look slimmer and taller in photos! Now, before I
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Need plus size sportswear? Look no further!
A FUN & COMFORTABLE SPORTS COLLECTION by MIS CLAIRE  Mis Claire, one of Malaysia’s most prominent online plus size fashion
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The Pink Kitty
Black has always been my favourite colour especially when it comes to clothes. Most times you’ll either see me in black
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Pregnancy Blues- The Things People hardly talk about when pregnant
Being pregnant for the first time and preparing to be a first time mum is not as simple as it
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