How Funny The Universe Works At Times

Hey guys, just want to point out how funny the universe works sometime.

Last week, one of my dearest and closest cousin, Danial got married to the love of his life. It’s so nice to see him finally so happy and of course changed for the better. The funny part is that his wife, was my ex-colleague while i was working in Bella on ntv7. So i knew her (Sofea) wayyyyyyy before he even laid eyes on her!

Halloween cats

This was Sofea and i in 2014

Who knew that these two people that i know from 2 different worlds would collide and are now officially married! So weird yet it’s so nice that these 2 have found each other.

14 April 2017, they’re officially married!

Wishing you love birds an everlasting love for one another with lotsa babies on the way too! God bless always!


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