I NEED TO GO SHOPPING! Well, every woman would probably have that urge, but for me it’s a desperate need as i look at my wardrobe and squeeze my brain on an outfit that would be breastfeeding friendly. I’ve been looking online for some outfits specifically designed for breastfeeding, but lets just say that the styles are sometimes just too boring and most of the time it doesn’t even cater to a plus size babe like me.


So where does that leave me?


Off to do some research i went on some style tips that are not too tacky yet friendly for the breastfeeding mom. Here are some tips that i personally found useful in order NOT to sacrifice my style and keep a budget to my wallet.


  1. Wear a tank or spaghetti top underneath your clothes.

I found this tip super useful as it gives me the freedom to lift up or pull aside my shirt without exposing to much skin and still give me the opportunity to wear the clothes i have in my wardrobe.


  1. Button down shirts or zips

The perfect choice for working moms and for women who want to look professional or chic! Breastfeeding is all about easy access so it’s obvious that these types of shirts are a great choice as you can button down as needed and feel more secure and covered bottom half.


  1. V-necks or scoop- neck t shirt.

For a casual day out, these types of t-shirts are great to pair with some jeans and some high heels! Just pull aside and bring boobies to baby! Easy Peasy. But If you’re worried that you might distort the neck or make it loose, then try materials that have a bit of bounce to them such as lycra or polyester.


By now i’m thinking, There goes my thoughts of wearing dresses. I can’t be lifting up my dress right?”


Source: NEXT

Well Tip no 4 is:


  1. Wear a wrap dress!


Ka Ching! Light bulb moment! Of course la… it has a v-shaped neck and most wrap dresses are made in stretchable materials, so of course it’s a great option! Plus wrap dresses are absolutely flattering for the plus size woman!




  1. A tube dress or jumpers!

Just like all the tips above, it’s all about easy access, so with a tube dress or jumper, you just have to pull the top down and walla!! I would pair it with an awesome blazer or jacket for some coverage and to look more chic!

Love this outfit by sugarlaws.com

Love this outfit by sugarlaws.com

And for that added accessory:


  1. Scarves!! All day, any day!

Scarves are an all time trendy accessory. I would just put it over my usual tank top and blazer outfit and i’m all set!


Source: Google


So, to sum it all up, just think about:

Easy access!

Stretchable materials


Wide or low neck lines



BOOM! It’s easier than i thought! Can’t believe i was stressing out so much on what to wear!


And if you have any other tips to help a new breastfeeding mum like me, please do leave a comment and help a mummy out! Would love to hear your ideas!


Thanks a lot!


Written by Lily Shah
Lily is a mum of two boys who loves to share her experience as a new mum going through motherhood. She also has a passion for fashion and loves empowering other women to be strong and confident.

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