#CurvyConfidence: Joanne Kam’s Message To Women Who Have A Problem Accepting Their Body

Queen of comedy Malaysia

Joanne Kam is a name that we are all too familiar with in world of comedy. Her unique style and acid tongue humour earned her a reputation as the Queen of Comedy on the Malaysian stage. Besides her risque jokes, her outfits too are a statement of their own. Daring and confident is what i would describe it as. She also seems to know exactly what would suit her body and her curve and that’s what i love about her! I recently interviewed her about her confidence and style and here’s what she had to say: Continue Reading

REVIEW: Fujifilm’s Instax Square SQ10- Is It Really Worth It?

I’ve always loved cameras, vintage cameras especially- even though i some of them don’t produce films to shoot anymore. So when i got the chance to review the new instax Square SQ10 i was ultra excited. Why? Because its a hybrid of instant print and digital technologies. So let me tell you first hand, that i personally love the camera. I know there are some people who think that it kind of takes out the fun of an instant printing camera, but for me, i prefer being able to edit and print the photo when i think it’s ready to be printed.

So why do i love it? Continue Reading

#FavFashFind: Plus Size Corset Detail Styles

Back in the 1800s and 1900s, corset were a must for women and were a representation of femininity. Sometimes worn under clothing and even over their dresses, it accentuates the waists and gives women an hourglass figure. In this day and age, the corset detail is appearing on casual dresses, tops and even skirts. The corset detail trend is making such a huge statement lately that i’ve decided to put together some of my favourite fashion find that i so badly want in my wardrobe right now!

ASOS CURVE Corset Waist Midi Dress

A simple black dress with a hint of sexiness, this dress is the perfect base for you to accessorise. It’s made out of a smooth stretchable material and is a high neck, which i totally love! It also features a zip at the back for easy fastening  and of course with a lace-up waist detail to accentuate your waist. LOVE! Sizes are available up to UK 28!

Boohoo Velvet Corset Top

This top only caters up to UK 14, but i still love it. Made with smooth velvet material that includes a stretch for comfort, this top is great to be worn over leggings or some skinny jeans/jeggings. I would roll the sleeve up to 3/4, cause that’s the way i like it. And other than that i absolutely love it(paired with that hairstyle too)!

Plus Ebony Corset Detail Midi Dress

I am totally in love with this dusty rose colour midi dress from Boohoo. The neckline is not too wide, the sleeves are long (so i can roll it up), and that slit! YAASS! This dress is absolutely perfect. I’m not too sure about the material, might be jersey, so it’s stretchable. My absolute fav from this list! Sizes go up to UK24.

ASOS CURVE Midi T-Shirt Dress with Corset Detail

Slightly different than the other dresses featured here, this mink coloured midi t-shirt dress is a great casual yet stylish outfit that still does it’s job at accentuating your waist. Sizes go up to UK28 and the material is made out of pure cotton-which means super comfy!

Are you into the corset trend too?

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6 Child-Friendly Island Resorts in Malaysia

I have to confess, I’m a sucker for beautiful beaches and an avid island lover. Snorkeling was my number one passion. I would go to each island and compare the beauty of the underwater life in each of the islands.. and here’s the secret guys… compared to Boracay, Phi Phi, Phuket, Lombok and other South East Asian islands I’ve been to.. Malaysia still had the best corals and underwater life where snorkeling is concerned (which island? Well i’ll leave that for another post).

Last year, I decided to take my love for the underwater world a step further.. I was going to take my license to dive so I could really explore the deep waters.. But then, this little bundle of joy happened and everything changed!

Trying out my new swim trainer that mummy bought..😃

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It’s been 10 months since I’ve last travelled and I’m starting to get really deprived..  I need a vacay! Pronto! But since i have this little one now.. my hotel searching is not just about cheap rates and a decent room- facilities and service now matters a lot! So researching I went and I’ve decided to put together some island resorts that are child friendly for my own future reference and hopefully it helps other mommies out there looking for the same thing.

So here it goes.. 5 child friendly island resorts in Malaysia for you to consider:


Besides the comfortable rooms, great facilities and stunning beach, I found out from the  reviews of Berjaya Tioman Resort that they also provide baby sitting services!! Like seriously! This is heaven for parents okay (it can’t be just me right? :P)! I thought that my snorkeling days have to be on halt for a few years, but THIS… this gives me the opportunity to snorkel with hubs for a few hours without having to worry to much! I also love that they have a full-board package, so I don’t have to think so much about extra cost and spending.


kids pool child friendly hotel

Look at how cute this little water park is! It definitely looks like a lot of fun! The Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa is a little bit on the high-end, but it has it’s own beach, it’s set around a man-made lake and have lagoon-style swimming pools. They also have a Children’s Club that offers entertainment and activities for the kids. So while the kids are at the club.. the adults can take a break at the spa or just chill at the swim-up island bar.


A hidden gem of the coast of Johor is this beautiful island called Pulau Sibu. Sea Gypsy Village Resort & Dive Base is a great place for kids and parents who love diving! The amount of kids facilities and activities offered by the resort is jaw dropping! They have a kids lounge.. a kids bar.. some ‘nasty activities’ such as kite making, painting, pirate fun, sandcastle competitions, treasure hunts and outdoor activities like ‘poison ball’, crab hunting, swing ball etc etc.. They even have baby and toddler menus for parents to choose from! This place is super kid friendly.. and the island is freaking beautiful!


kid child friendly resort

Golden Sands Resort, Penang  has won several family-oriented awards. They have the Cool Zone Kids Club, lunch and dinner are provided, even mobile phones are available on loan for parents who wish to be in contact with their children at all times. And mummies.. don’t worry cause they have bottle sterilisation service, baby sitting service, you can rent a stroller too and for breast-feeding mummies like me.. they have Mother’s milk storage service at the Front Office!! Wow! I’m suprising myself with all this discoveries!!


Besides their  large free-form pool that hosts a water playground, water guns and slides, Hard Rock Hotel Penang also has a Lil’ Rock Kids Club that comes with a separate children room with their own TV, Play Station 3, music videos, special in-room dining menu, a mini bar stocked with snacks, toys, books and kids bathrobes. The Tabu Teens Club  on the other hand will take care of the 13 to 18-year-olds with a collection of pool tables, electronic games, foosball and lots more


A place that is close to home (for me), The Amverton Cove Golf & Island Resort also has kid friendly amenities such as the Kids’ Fun Zone and the Kids’ Game room. The entire family can also relax at The Hummingbird Entertainment Lounge which is well equipped with pool, snooker and foosball tables. Great for a staycation in my opinion! hehe!


I seriously am surprised with the amazing facilities and services of all of these hotels and more.. I wouldn’t have known of all this amazing mummy friendly services that were available to us! These are just a number of the child friendly hotels.. You can check out more hotels and even book a flight at the same time here. Can’t wait for my next holiday! It’s going to happen in July.. so wait So excited!


Have you experienced any other kid friendly hotels in Malaysia? Do share them with me in the comment section below.. Would love to check them out!


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#FavFashFind:7 Plus Size Denim Jackets You’ll Absolutely Love!

Denim Jackets are back and their back better than ever! These brands have brought a whole new outlook on denim jackets in various designs that’ll suit every personality. Whether you’re looking for something more cute or something edgy, these 7 plus size Denim Jackets are sure to turn heads on the street!

ASOS CURVE Denim Jacket With Rips and Fluted Sleeve

The wide sleeve styles are so “IN” at the moment, why not have a denim jacket with fluted sleeves added to your wardrobe as well! Denim jackets are so versatile, they can go with almost anything! Continue Reading

4 Reasons Why Plus Size Women (or maybe just me) Dislike Wearing Bright Colours

Few days ago, i posted a historical moment on my Instagram. For the first time in my life, i actually wore YELLOW! And it wasn’t just a top that you could pair with some denim jeans.. nope.. i went all out with a bright yellow dress! Why is it such a big deal? Well, it’s kind of a step forward for me because i hardly wear bright colours at all due to some of the reasons that i’m about to list down. I’m usually a confident person with my personal style and choices, but this time was different.. i was actually nervous stepping out of the house… i kept asking my husband if the colour is alright… while walking towards my car i felt like everyone was starring at all my fats and rolls with disgust… which was weird because i’ve never felt so insecure…

As i drove my car to work, it was already too late to change.. So instead, i decided to change my attitude and just fake my confidence for the day. At work, comments came pouring in.. “wow! So bright!”, “Oh my goodness so bright! Chinese say you can scare the ghost away with that!” ERRKKK! Well that didn’t boost my confidence at all! HAHA! But a friend of mine ensured that it was”OK LAH!” Wasn’t as bad as i made it seem, she said. Well anyway, that particular day inspired me to write this post. These are the reasons that i realised along the way on why most of us (plus size) women (or maybe just me) dislike wearing bright colours. Continue Reading

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before A Spa Session To Avoid Embarrassment

Most women will tell you that they love going to the spa to get pampered and just relax without having to care about anything in the world (at least for those few minutesla). So when i was invited to experience CHILL by Swasana Spa located in Impiana KLCC Hotel, i was ready to escape from work for a relaxing experience…. or so i thought.

As i was taken through the experience i realized a few things which inspired me to write this post. Imagine all the things that the spa therapist have to endure when they perform our therapy- like washing your feet and massaging your head. This was not the first time that i’ve gone for a spa treatment, but it was the first time for when i’m not actually on holiday; so i may not have been as ready as i thought i was. So i learnt a few lessons in order to avoid future embarrassment and came up with a few questions that i think you should ask yourself before going for a spa session.

Am i wearing the right type of clothes?

When i got the invite, they mentioned to dress ‘comfortable’. So i wore a simple casual black dress- you know, something that you can easily put on and take off.. I assumed that i would need to dress down and change into their robe or something. But once i arrived, i was glad to know that i didn’t have to strip naked, because the treatment that they’re treating me focuses on the legs, arms, back, shoulders and head. The treatment focuses more on reflexology and acupressure.. Not sure if it was the Chill Out treatment or Chill Classic. Anyway, it was something that i desperately needed in order to release all the stress especially on my shoulders.. Plus it saves me all the hassle the change and bathe after.. Continue Reading

Jonlivia- Malaysia’s First Activewear Lifestyle Club Now Open

Have you guys heard of Jonlivia? Well i didn’t hear about them till i was invited to attend the opening of their lifestyle club that claims to be the 1st ever activewear Lifestyle Club in Malaysia.

There, i learnt that since the beginning, Jonlivia mission has been not only to drive style into one’s fitness journey, they also want to turn it into a lifestyle that everyone can enjoy and feel great at the same time!

To do that, Jonlivia created and designed stylish high performance wear to ensure that you look, feel and perform at your best. Innovation is their motivation. It drives them to source and implement cutting edge technologies into their fabrics, while staying true to their credo of being fashionable, trendy and stylish.

Continue Reading

Dawn by Duchess & Co- An Exciting New Collection

Truth to be told, i have never heard of Duchess & Co prior to this. The name sounds grand, their invitation card was superb and of course the fact that they mentioned that this was going to be their biggest fashion show to date, definitely got me intrigued in the brand.


First of all, a little introduction to Duchess & Co.

Duchess & Co happens to be a Malaysian label! Founded in 2013 by three dynamic ladies – Wendy Tai, Phang Ju Nn and Michelle Chong, the label known for its regal designs with a contemporary twist. It is also in their brand’s DNA that  most of their pieces can be worn  two-ways or more. Each Duchess & Co piece is thoughtfully designed in-house, and is catered to the confident and sophisticated women who want to stand out from the crowd. Both ready-to-wear and standalone signatures are available by the brand. Continue Reading

How to take advantage of ramadan to lose some weight

Ramadan is here! Which means Raya is just a month away! As we take this time to reflect on ourselves and do righteous deeds, it’s also a great time to lose some weight. Take it as killing two birds with one stone! I’ve known some people who tend to put on weight during Ramadhan instead, but god willing if done the right way, losing weight is definitely an option to be grabbed!

So if you’re looking to fully utilise this holy month, then check out these awesome tips that will almost definitely guarantee that you’ll lose weight.


Do not skip suhoor

Suhoor is your pre-dawn breakfast, so skipping it is just like skipping your breakfast, which means that it’ll just leave you even more hungrier when you break fast! Which means….. that you’re most likely to eat more and stuff your face with whatever you can much on!

Continue Reading