Dawn by Duchess & Co- An Exciting New Collection

Truth to be told, i have never heard of Duchess & Co prior to this. The name sounds grand, their invitation card was superb and of course the fact that they mentioned that this was going to be their biggest fashion show to date, definitely got me intrigued in the brand.


First of all, a little introduction to Duchess & Co.

Duchess & Co happens to be a Malaysian label! Founded in 2013 by three dynamic ladies – Wendy Tai, Phang Ju Nn and Michelle Chong, the label known for its regal designs with a contemporary twist. It is also in their brand’s DNA that  most of their pieces can be worn  two-ways or more. Each Duchess & Co piece is thoughtfully designed in-house, and is catered to the confident and sophisticated women who want to stand out from the crowd. Both ready-to-wear and standalone signatures are available by the brand. Continue Reading

How to take advantage of ramadan to lose some weight

Ramadan is here! Which means Raya is just a month away! As we take this time to reflect on ourselves and do righteous deeds, it’s also a great time to lose some weight. Take it as killing two birds with one stone! I’ve known some people who tend to put on weight during Ramadhan instead, but god willing if done the right way, losing weight is definitely an option to be grabbed!

So if you’re looking to fully utilise this holy month, then check out these awesome tips that will almost definitely guarantee that you’ll lose weight.


Do not skip suhoor

Suhoor is your pre-dawn breakfast, so skipping it is just like skipping your breakfast, which means that it’ll just leave you even more hungrier when you break fast! Which means….. that you’re most likely to eat more and stuff your face with whatever you can much on!

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Gaya Koleksi Raya 2017 by Fashion Valet


Gosh it seems like it was not so long ago that we celebrated raya, and now all of a sudden, the hype is back up, puasa is a few days away and baju raya promotions are everywhere!

Last year i attended the FashionValet fashion show in Black Box Publika, and this year it was back at the same venue for 4 consecutive days showcasing a wide array of Gaya Koleksi Raya from a number of well-known local and Southeast Asian brands such as Afiq M, Alia B, Fizi Woo, Khoon Hooi, Mimpikita, NH by Nurita Harith, S. Baharim, aere and many more.

I decided to attend the 4pm slot on their last day because; No. 1– Poplook who caters for plus size women is showcasing their collection in that slot; No. 2– I’m a fan of Melinda Looi’s quirky and unique designs and No.3– Well i have a day job and Sunday is the best day to attend things for my blog.. Haha!

So, how did the fashion show go?

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Korean Beauty Trends That Are On the Rise in 2017

When it comes to beauty, most people will look to Korea for the next big thing. It’s a place where BB creams, compact cushions and sheet masks all started, and is now pretty much a staple in our daily lives. The great things about K-beauty products is that they combine the perfect amount of gimmick to get us excited, then backs it up with facts to prove it right.

So after doing some research, here are some of the latest beauty trends that are said to be really huge this year.

Filter Creams

erborian filter cream

As the name suggests, This cream is said to literally filter your face from imperfections. It works like a regular moisturiser, while blurring imperfections and making your complexion look luminous and dewy thanks to ingredients such as pearl powder or pearl extracts. I need this in my life!! I’m super lazy, so i think that by just applying this everyday could probably do the trick!

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There’s a new milkshake outlet in Sunway Pyramid with 180 flavours to choose from!

What if i told you that there is a place where there are over 180 flavours to choose from for your milkshake, smoothie, frozen yogurt or shaved ice? And with those 180 flavours, you can work up millions of combinations and whatever your heart desires?

Well, you won’t have to wait till your in heaven for that because all that i mentioned above is possible in Shakeaway, the world’s largest milkshake bar in the world!(so they claim..)

When i was invited to their VIP preview of their new store in Sunway Pyramid, i was super excited. Who wouldn’t be? Creating your own milkshake with all of your favourite ingredients.. Mine would be Kinder Bueno, Ferrero Roche, Honeystars, M&M’s & Jelly Beans. But of course i’m not crazy enough to combine all of those into one milkshake, but the idea was really taunting.


Looking at their extensive menu selection, i was a bit overwhelmed with all the choices and combinations, so decided to try their best seller- Dave, a combination of my two favourite chocolate! Perfect! Continue Reading

Top 9 Brands- List Baju Raya Plus Size 2017

baju raya plus size 2017

Here it comes again! Raya is just around the corner, and i’m sure most of you are already hunting down your raya 2017 outfits because i definitely am! Being a plus size, choices are limited and you must be thinking,

Where to buy baju raya plus size 2017?

What brands carry plus size baju raya?

Where to get nice plus size muslimah baju?

I’ve been searching for reasonably priced and decent looking raya 2017 outfits for plus size women and here are some of the brands that i’ve come across:


Poplook Raya 2017

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One of the best on-the-go sandwich in Kuala Lumpur

Bread is pretty much a staple for my family, the Eurasian side of my family at least.. now that i’m married to a total Melayu husband, ada roti, takde roti pun x kisah.. But nasi is a must! Huhu! Anyway, i can say that i pretty much know my breads and differentiate the good and the bad, base on my personal preference of course.

The type of bread and its quality is the base to a good sandwich- ALWAYS!

So when i was invited to review a new sandwich kiosk that just opened recently in Sunway Pyramid, i was a bit skeptical, but kept my mind open to trying something new.

The sandwich kiosk is called Sandwich Express and is located on the 1st floor of Sunway Pyramid near Maxis. It has the same concept as a major sandwich chain which i’m sure you all know, where you pick a type of bread, choose what flavour you want, pick your veggies and lastly the sauces. I also learnt that they have other outlets in KLCC, Pavilion and another two in Ipoh as well.

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Breastfeeding While Working A Full Time Job

When i was pregnant, i decided that i would want to breastfeed my child till the age of two. I prepped myself with all the equipments needed, ate a lot of healthy milk-boosting foods and was ready for that day to come. There were a number of reasons why i wanted to breastfeed and continue breastfeeding till the age of two such as:

  1. I heard that breastfeeding will help you get back to your original weight and maybe even lose that weight-fast cause breastfeeding burns extra calories!
  2. Breastmilk has natural antibodies that keep your baby healthy
  3. It lowers the risk of diabetes and obesity for your baby
  4. Great for babies brain and development
  5. Reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)
  6. Delayed menstruation- which means you don’t have to deal with your period too soon!(plus it’s a natural birth control too!)
  7. Save lots of money!- formula milk are so expensive these days. And what if your baby can’t take dairy? Goat’s milk is even more expensive!
  8. Breastfed babies are known to be less picky eaters too!

Who wouldn’t want all these breastfeeding benefits for you and your baby right?

But let me tell you, exclusively breastfeeding is not an easy task, especially when you’re a working mum. It is a commitment to yourself and to your baby.

The first few days in the hospital, breastfeeding didn’t seem to be a problem. Nurses were there to teach me to breastfeed the right way and provide me with all the advice i needed to persevere.

After 4 days in the hospital i finally got back home, and it felt good to be home. But that first night home turned out to be nightmare. Baby was constantly waking up crying and nothing seemed to calm him down. He developed a high temperatue and we had to go back to the hospital for a check. Turned out that baby was dehydrated and was not receiving enough milk. He had to be admitted into NICU and stay there for a few days for observation. Worst part was that i wasn’t able to stay with him at night, which led the nurse to ask me if it’s alright if they “top up” his feeding with formula. My heart dropped. i felt horrible that my body was not producing enough milk for him, i felt like a failure, but agreed that the nurses fed him formula on top of my expressed milk which i provided whenever i could.

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7 Body-Positive Advocates You Need To Follow On Instagram

body positive on instagram

In this day and age where Instagram plays a big role in our life, and likes and followers are all what people care about, it’s hard not to compare ourselves with others. But despite all the insecurities that it can provoke, social media has also given us a platform for self love and positive vibes, without taking into account the the size or shape of our bodies.

The body-positive movement is not about encouraging an unhealthy lifestyle of thin-shaming. It’s all about encouraging people to be more kind and forgiving towards their body with the goal of improving overall well-being and health be it physically or mentally. The main focus is about building self-esteem through improving one’s self image, be it by nurturing and maintaining one’s weight, working -out or changing a lifestyle for a better outlook in life while building more confidence in yourself. It’s all about supporting each other to better self-esteem and these body-positive advocates do just that.

Check out these fire-ry and fierce body-positive advocates and let them inspire you be it through fashion, quotes and overall self confidence.

1. Tess Holliday


As you all know, yesterday was tough. I appreciate all your love & support. So, today we’re celebrating girl power with an amazing giveaway! My girl @studiomucci and I are giving you two chances to win a ton of cute stuff! Including makeup 💄 from @benefitcosmetic , apparel 👚and accessories from @daisynatives and tassel garlands 🌈 from @studiomucci Here’s how to enter! 💖 1. Follow all 4 accounts: @Tessholliday, @studiomucci @benefitcosmetics and @daisynatives 2.like this post 3.Spread the positive vibes by tagging a friend and saying something supportive! 👭 Two lucky winners will each receive all of the items listed. The giveaway ends Friday. The winners will be notified! Good luck! 🍀#effyourbeautystandards #girlssupportgirls

A post shared by Plus Model💕Wife💕Mom💕Feminist🐝 (@tessholliday) on

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How Funny The Universe Works At Times

Hey guys, just want to point out how funny the universe works sometime.

Last week, one of my dearest and closest cousin, Danial got married to the love of his life. It’s so nice to see him finally so happy and of course changed for the better. The funny part is that his wife, was my ex-colleague while i was working in Bella on ntv7. So i knew her (Sofea) wayyyyyyy before he even laid eyes on her!

Halloween cats

This was Sofea and i in 2014

Who knew that these two people that i know from 2 different worlds would collide and are now officially married! So weird yet it’s so nice that these 2 have found each other.

14 April 2017, they’re officially married!

Wishing you love birds an everlasting love for one another with lotsa babies on the way too! God bless always!