Curvy Fashion On A Budget- Vol 1.

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People tend to ask me; “Do you shop every single week? Why is that every time i see you, you’re wearing something new?” Well to tell you the truth i have a tight budget for clothes and because of that, it forces me to be creative with my outfits and to mix and match in every way i can. So if you’re a curvy gal on a budget like me why not get creative with what you have.

The key is to try and error and get lotsa inspirations from either from magazines, instagram, pinterest or even by watching people on the streets.

For this particular outfit, there are 3 layers to it.

A spaghetti strap camisole,

A cardigan &

A cropped halter top Continue Reading

Can Clothes Give You A Peace of Mind?

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With the hustle and bustle of our fast-paced and busy lifestyle, we all seek a moment of tranquility or peace in order to escape from our daily routine. Because of that, Mis Claire inspires to channel that moment of peace in their upcoming Zen Collection.

Inspired by the idea of ‘Zen’ and nature, Mis Claire presents a new collection that brings you to a place of mental relaxation and back to Mother Earth. Mis Claire understands the needs of plus size women – the need for comfort and accentuation in the right places. The pieces in this collection are figure-flattering, and are a 100% in-house original design exclusively by Mis Claire. Fittings after fittings on real plus size women were done to get the right fit and feel for each and every piece of clothing they have.

As Mis Claire has always been about simplicity – the elimination of clutter is key, and it is very evident in this collection. The pieces are characterized by its clean, natural and simple cuts and lines; free of frills and distracting details or embellishments.

The colours they picked – earthy tones, will remind you of Mother Nature and her soothing surroundings. The fabrics are light-weight, with a texture so natural that it will not need ironing – wear it as it is; breathable, loose and free.

The Zen Collection, inspired by simplicity and relaxation has been launched and you can take a look at their lookbook and shop here.


To enjoy 10% off this collection, key in ZENBLOG10 in the promocode box when you order from




Tea Length Dresses From Dress Lily- Help Me Choose!

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Anyone else having trouble finding tea length dresses (nice ones!) here in Malaysia? I know i am… To be honest, there’s not many nice ones available in stores and if there are, it’ll probably cost you a bomb! So i’ve been doing some research and i came across a website called Dress Lily. Firstly there’s the word ‘dress’ there and secondly it has my name, so of course i was bound to look through the site.. And YES! They do have some great choices for tea length dresses plus they ship to Malaysia too!

Here are some of my favourites:

Floral Midi A-Line Dress

tea length dress black flower a line v neck

This is my absolute favourite, why? It ticks all of my boxes;

  1. It’s a V-neck – V necks in general are flattering for plus size women, it elongates the neck makes you look slimmer.
  2. 3/4 length sleeves-  I don’t like long sleeves that that all the way to your wrist and i’m not really a fan of short sleeves, so this is just perfect!
  3. It’s an A-line dress – A-line dresses is one of the most flattering cuts for any shape or size. It works well for wider hips or adds a shape for someone like me who has quite a straight figure.
  4. Black based, but not boring– i’m not sure if you’ve notice but a lot of my clothes are black based with a pop of colour. That’s just me i guess.
  5. It comes with a belt– Great for accentuating your waist line and adds a pretty detail to the dress.

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21 Questions With The Fat Kid Inside- Erwan Heussaff

How often do you get to spend 11 days in a foreign country with a well-known Youtuber that has over 269k subscribers on his Youtube channel? Luckily for me, i got the chance to do produce and shoot this little piece of video with Erwan Heussaff during our shoot for Japan Authentic on Life Inspired channel. Best known as The Fat Kid Inside, Erwan has been inspiring people all across Asia with his huge transformation having lost 41 kg. Since then, his Youtube and blog has been a go-to for people who are looking to be inspired in living a healthy life with simple workouts and yummy healthy recipes to try out yourself. He also posts awesome travel vlogs about his adventures around the world.

Check out this video the team and i made and let me know what you think!

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Offspring Natural Review: Organic & All-Natural Essentials For The Next Generation

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Being a new mum isn’t an easy task. Learning what works and what doesn’t with your baby happens almost every month especially in the first year. My baby is 9 month old and even now i’m still learning and trying things out. Ever since he was a few weeks old we noticed that he has sensitive skin. He was diagnosed with eczema, which means we need to take extra good care of skin by eliminating things that have fragrance, paraben, alcohol, lanolin and the list goes on. It is also important to constantly keep his skin moisturized at all times to keep his eczema at bay.

Luckily for us, it seems that he has grown out of it, but we can never be too sure. So till this day i ensure that his care products are as natural as possible and that his skin is constantly moisturized. So when i came across a brand called Offspring on facebook who strives to be one of the safest, most natural and most nurturing personal care products, i jumped on the band wagon and was interested to try them out. So for all the worried mummies and daddies out there, here’s a personal review of what i think of their products, and i hope it helps! Continue Reading

REVIEW: Rosegal- Online Store That Caters To Plus Sizes & Ships To Malaysia

Not so long ago, i discovered a site called Rosegal that carries plus sizes and ships to Malaysia. You can check out my previous article here. They have a lot of choices to choose from and their designs are up to date, but of course it’s based overseas so i was abit unsure about the quality and their delivery service. While doing some research i actually came across some really bad reviews talking about the product received not being like the picture and that their delivery service is really bad. Some also complaint about their customer service being terrible. But all of that was a few years back and there were not many recent reviews. So, i decided to order 2 tops anyway.

Mind you these 2 tops are not that cheap! The Black Mesh Embroidered top costs around RM68 while the Floral Cami top costs about RM74 after conversion, so i was a bit nervous about the quality that i will be getting. Continue Reading

Good Vibes 2017: Outfit Inspirations For Your Next Festival

Curvy ladies showcase their best festival outfits during Good Vibes 2017.


Did you feel them Good Vibes last weekend? Well i did and it was awesome! It was much more packed compared to last year’s gig, and it was pretty apparent during Dua Lipa and G-Easy’s performance. But besides Good Vibes wide array of music line up, fun filled booth and activities, it’s also the time to showcase your best music festival outfit. From crop tops to off-the-shoulder tops or even boho inspired dresses, these ladies were not at all afraid to showcase their personal style and they did it with confidence!

1. @ce__line

Keeping up with trend, Celine is rocking an edgy embroidered top paired with aztec printed shorts, keeping it easy and comfy. Embroidered outfits are all the rage right now and this is one way to rock it!

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#FavFashFind: Summer Dresses You’d Want To Get Your Hands On!

It may be summer in the US, but in Malaysia, it’s summer all year round, which means now is a great time to take advantage of all the summer clothes and sales. I recently found this new website called Rosegal that sell a wide option of beautiful summer dresses and they have PLUS SIZES too! I must say that the prices are not bad at all, but i’m not so sure about the quality, so i’m going to try purchasing a few stuff and i’ll write a review once i’ve received it.

In the mean time, you just gotta feast your eyes on these beautiful summer dresses! And all of them featured here go up to a size US 22!

Geometric Printed Handkerchief Dress

The flowyness of this dress and the geometric prints and colour combination is an absolute love for me! You can even layer it and wear a t-shirt inside and you’ll have a different look. Continue Reading

#CurvyConfidence: Joanne Kam’s Message To Women Who Have A Problem Accepting Their Body

Queen of comedy Malaysia

Joanne Kam is a name that we are all too familiar with in world of comedy. Her unique style and acid tongue humour earned her a reputation as the Queen of Comedy on the Malaysian stage. Besides her risque jokes, her outfits too are a statement of their own. Daring and confident is what i would describe it as. She also seems to know exactly what would suit her body and her curve and that’s what i love about her! I recently interviewed her about her confidence and style and here’s what she had to say: Continue Reading

REVIEW: Fujifilm’s Instax Square SQ10- Is It Really Worth It?

I’ve always loved cameras, vintage cameras especially- even though i some of them don’t produce films to shoot anymore. So when i got the chance to review the new instax Square SQ10 i was ultra excited. Why? Because its a hybrid of instant print and digital technologies. So let me tell you first hand, that i personally love the camera. I know there are some people who think that it kind of takes out the fun of an instant printing camera, but for me, i prefer being able to edit and print the photo when i think it’s ready to be printed.

So why do i love it? Continue Reading