Planning A 1st Birthday Party

how to plan baby 1st birthday party

How To Plan A 1st Birthday Party

Who knew that planning a child’s first birthday party can be such a headache! There’s the guest list, the food, decoration, cake, giftbags, backdrop, location etc etc.. and not to mention the standards that a new mum like me have to live up to in this day and age!

Have you guys seen recent birthday parties being held? The numerous helium balloons(which are not cheap!), the RM500 fondant designer cake, the dessert station, the party accessories, goodie bags? It all seems a bit too much and ridiculous, and yet here i am scouting for all these things. I mean, a mum only wants what’s best for her child no? And even though he probably won’t remember his first birthday party, i still want it to be the best 1st birthday party (that i can afford).

I know that there are probably many mums who are scratching their head about their kid’s first birthday, so hopefully this post will help a tiny bit in terms of planning. Here are the steps that I personally took.

No. 1- Pick A Party Date

First up for me was picking a date. Eidrix’s birthday is on the 22nd of November and it falls on a Wednesday. So i decided to have the party the weekend before. Why? i don’t know.. I just liked the idea and thought 18 was a good date. Continue Reading

This Is Why I’m Not A Landed House Person – Perks of Living in an Integrated Development

integrated living condominium shah alam

Let’s face it! You leave your house 2-3 hours earlier before work to send your baby to the childcare centre and then go through the massive jam that moves at about 20km/hr straight to work. When the day ends, you spend another 2 hours going through the same thing! But wait, you forgot to buy groceries for dinner tonight and you dread having to take a detour to the nearest supermarket so end up driving through your usual fast food restaurant (AGAIN!). Well that’s pretty much my scenario too. I’ve been looking at properties for a while now and have decided to look into integrated developments. Why? Well it seems that there’s a lot of perks living in an integrated development and here are just some of them which i think would suit someone in the same shoes as i am.

1. Secured neighbourhood

I’ve never been quite a fan of landed properties. Partly because i just feel safer in a gated community with security officers on duty 24/7 and the added security of using access cards to enter your home.

2. Numerous facilities available in close proximity

An integrated development means that it is a mix of commercial and residential development. Depending on the development, some would have connection to a mall, grocery store and other shops as well as offices or even schools.

3. Less time wasted on the road

Because the development has all the facilities mentioned above, it makes life easier by not having to drive out all the time and get stuck in massive jams. Continue Reading

Old Or Unwanted Bras Needed From You For This Reason!

Pink October is almost coming to an end, but there’s still a chance for you to do your part and help a woman in need. Neubodi, a Malaysian lingerie specialist brand officially launched its month-long “DONATE. SUPPORT. RECYCLE” Bra Drive campaign which will run until 5th November, to raise funds for Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia’s “Hospital Angels” initiative.

This campaign is really dear to me because I do have a number or family members and friends who are going through or have gone through breast cancer. So donating my old bra to help raise funds for this cause is really the least i can do to support. And you can do the same too! All you have to do is drop-off your unwanted or used bras in Neubodi’s “Bra Banks” at any of their stores nationwide and they will donate gently-used items to victims of sex trafficking, enabling their rehabilitation into society as they earn a livelihood selling second-hand bras. Continue Reading

This Is How A Malaysian Brand Is Changing The Way We See Plus Size Clothing

penjual baju besar malaysia

Do any of you feel frustrated about shopping plus size clothes online here in Malaysia? Have you ever looked at the model or photo of the clothes advertised wondering what it would actually look like on your body? I have! And I think this is a problem that needs to be addressed. There are a number of plus size brands and stores here in Malaysia who tend to use models that just doesn’t seem to fit the bill. Just look at some of the examples below:

baju plus size malaysiaHere you see a beautiful slim girl wearing a beautiful outfit. But wait.. apparently her top is available in sizes L to 5XL. But can you really imagine how it will look like on you? I’m sure some of you might be wondering if the style would actually fit a real plus size person.And here, they used a skinny girl to show how big the dress is instead of actually putting the dress on an actual plus size women! I mean why would they do that? Not only is it demeaning to us plus size women, it doesn’t even show the dress in a flattering manner; just how big it is on this little person.

baju big size malaysiaWhat about stores brands that show perfectly curved women who doesn’t seem to even have a tummy? Could we really look just as good like those models in the photo by wearing that dress.

It’s enough that we’re having trouble finding the right clothes that fit us properly, and it doesn’t help when people just keep asking you to ‘loose weight so you can have better clothes’! Why can’t better clothes be made for us buxom babes instead? The fact of the matter is, there are people who are big in size because of factors such as genes, an illness or even post pregnancy. And instead of embracing their curve, they are forced to hide under unflattering clothes because our culture and what the plus size industry is like here in Malaysia is not very supportive to the industry.

mis claire plus size baju malaysia leggings jeans

When I first started out my blog, I came across a local brand called Mis Claire. Starting from a small seller in 2012, they worked towards producing their own collection for plus size women only after collecting numerous feedback from their customers. Their sizes cover a wide range, from 2Xl- 7XL. Their cuttings are specifically tailored for Asian plus size women that usually have a wider waist and hip. I came to learn that the brand actually does several fittings on different body types of plus size women before their design goes on to mass production, which is very thoughtful of the brand.

plus size fashion malaysia

Even the photos produced by them seems very ‘real’, using real Malaysian women with no modeling background instead of the beautifully photoshopped and almost perfect looking Caucasian models.

The other thing about Mis Claire is that they’re constantly updating their designs and keeping up with the latest trends. Just because we’re big doesn’t mean we adhere to just one style. We want to be fashionable too right? So it’s great to know that a local brand like Mis Claire is really trying to change the plus size industry here in Malaysia and not just catering to more mature women by restricting their designs to look like ‘auntie’ designs.

I believe that Mis Claire is able to challenge and change up the plus size industry in Malaysia and they have a bright future ahead. They even get requests from smaller size girls to have their designs in a smaller size, but even with that, Mis Claire still stands by their mission and believe and will always remain for plus size women only. However, they are trying to produce a new size- XL, but this is still in beta stage and they are ready to listen to more feedback before deciding to permanently include XL in their collection.

So, what do you think? Should they introduce size XL to their collections?






There’s A New Mall in Kajang & Dinosaurs Are Involved Too!

Last Sunday I was invited to the launch of De Centrum Mall in Kajang. Since it only took me about 20 minutes from Puchong, I was more than happy to witness the official opening of the little quaint mall which is part of the growing community of De Centrum City by Protasco Bhd. Of course I just had to bring my two boys with me, it was family day (Sunday) after all.

The neighbourhood mall is part of Phase 1 of De Centrum City which will include a hotel, a convention centre, office towers and luxury condominiums to be completed in the next 10 to 15 years. So there’s definitely more to look forward to.


After the official launch ceremony that included the spectacular lion dance and a meet and greet session with Elfira Loy, we got to explore the mall and found a number of great eateries for visitors to choose from and of course includes family-favourite fast-food chain KFC and Pizza Hut.

The mall seems to be mostly open-air with only certain sections or stores being air-conditioned. But despite the fact that it’s an open-air concept, it was not as hot as i thought it would be.

One of De Centrum’s biggest tenant is Super Seven Cash & Carry Grocery Store for those looking to buy everyday groceries or if you’re planning to grab something quickly, there’s a 7-eleven which makes life so much easier too!

As for parents with children, you’ll be glad to know that there is a huge Bookstore called SPP Bookstore that provides families with textbooks and stationery supplies they might need for school. This is one of my favourite part of the mall as it has a Kid’s corner! Ever since I became a mom, I know how much of a difference this little space can make to a parent with young children. So, thank god for this!

Besides the available stores, the mall also organises fun activities and we managed to catch the special Dinosaur Show featuring a T-Rex and Triceratops animatronix that was being used in Malaysia for the 1st time! That was fun, and I could see the kids excited for this! Too bad Eidrix is a bit to young to appreciate it.. Mummy was the one that was overly excited.. LOL.

For fitness enthusiast and gym goers, you’ll be happy to know that the mall also has a gym called the Raw House Gym located on the first floor.

I would say that that the mall is definitely equipped with the basics of a neighbourhood mall, a decent place to makan-makan and a great place for bargain shopping. I just wished I knew where the baby room was or I’m not sure if they even have one, but anyway we made it work and survived!

For info on De Centrum Mall and to keep updated on their latest happenings, check them out on their Facebook page here.


Do you have a favourite neighbourhood mall?

Let me know and leave a comment in the comment section below!


This Malaysian Festival Is All About Wellness, Music & Dance!

Murfest festival wellness dance music

Asia’s Largest Urban Wellness Retreat Festival Returns! Explore and experience a celebration of  Wellness, Music & Dance at The Malaysia Urban Retreat Festival (MURFEST) 2017.

Guilty as charged! This is actually first time I’m hearing about the Malaysia Urban Retreat Festival (MURFEST), Asia’s Largest Wellness | Music | Dance Festival when in fact it is already on it’s 4th consecutive year! I guess I’ve never taken notice of such an event during my busy years working in live TV. Anyway, this year, MURFEST will be held on the 3rd to 5th November 2017 at Le Meridien Putrajaya and it is supported by the Ministry of Youth & Sports through FitMalaysia and Ministry of Tourism & Culture Malaysia.

The festival is aimed at awakening the Urban Spirit in everyone to live a balanced and harmonious lifestyle. Something that i very much need in my life at the moment! It basically provides a platform and space for self-discovery, self-mastery and knowledge through a variety of activities such as workshops and a dance fitness party. Check out these 5 highlights and activities below that you and your family can enjoy!

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Curvy Fashion On A Budget- Vol 1.

curvy fashion ideas

People tend to ask me; “Do you shop every single week? Why is that every time i see you, you’re wearing something new?” Well to tell you the truth i have a tight budget for clothes and because of that, it forces me to be creative with my outfits and to mix and match in every way i can. So if you’re a curvy gal on a budget like me why not get creative with what you have.

The key is to try and error and get lotsa inspirations from either from magazines, instagram, pinterest or even by watching people on the streets.

For this particular outfit, there are 3 layers to it.

A spaghetti strap camisole,

A cardigan &

A cropped halter top Continue Reading

Can Clothes Give You A Peace of Mind?

plus size baju malaysia

With the hustle and bustle of our fast-paced and busy lifestyle, we all seek a moment of tranquility or peace in order to escape from our daily routine. Because of that, Mis Claire inspires to channel that moment of peace in their upcoming Zen Collection.

Inspired by the idea of ‘Zen’ and nature, Mis Claire presents a new collection that brings you to a place of mental relaxation and back to Mother Earth. Mis Claire understands the needs of plus size women – the need for comfort and accentuation in the right places. The pieces in this collection are figure-flattering, and are a 100% in-house original design exclusively by Mis Claire. Fittings after fittings on real plus size women were done to get the right fit and feel for each and every piece of clothing they have.

As Mis Claire has always been about simplicity – the elimination of clutter is key, and it is very evident in this collection. The pieces are characterized by its clean, natural and simple cuts and lines; free of frills and distracting details or embellishments.

The colours they picked – earthy tones, will remind you of Mother Nature and her soothing surroundings. The fabrics are light-weight, with a texture so natural that it will not need ironing – wear it as it is; breathable, loose and free.

The Zen Collection, inspired by simplicity and relaxation has been launched and you can take a look at their lookbook and shop here.


To enjoy 10% off this collection, key in ZENBLOG10 in the promocode box when you order from




Tea Length Dresses From Dress Lily- Help Me Choose!

tea length dress lily decide choose pick

Anyone else having trouble finding tea length dresses (nice ones!) here in Malaysia? I know i am… To be honest, there’s not many nice ones available in stores and if there are, it’ll probably cost you a bomb! So i’ve been doing some research and i came across a website called Dress Lily. Firstly there’s the word ‘dress’ there and secondly it has my name, so of course i was bound to look through the site.. And YES! They do have some great choices for tea length dresses plus they ship to Malaysia too!

Here are some of my favourites:

Floral Midi A-Line Dress

tea length dress black flower a line v neck

This is my absolute favourite, why? It ticks all of my boxes;

  1. It’s a V-neck – V necks in general are flattering for plus size women, it elongates the neck makes you look slimmer.
  2. 3/4 length sleeves-  I don’t like long sleeves that that all the way to your wrist and i’m not really a fan of short sleeves, so this is just perfect!
  3. It’s an A-line dress – A-line dresses is one of the most flattering cuts for any shape or size. It works well for wider hips or adds a shape for someone like me who has quite a straight figure.
  4. Black based, but not boring– i’m not sure if you’ve notice but a lot of my clothes are black based with a pop of colour. That’s just me i guess.
  5. It comes with a belt– Great for accentuating your waist line and adds a pretty detail to the dress.

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21 Questions With The Fat Kid Inside- Erwan Heussaff

How often do you get to spend 11 days in a foreign country with a well-known Youtuber that has over 269k subscribers on his Youtube channel? Luckily for me, i got the chance to do produce and shoot this little piece of video with Erwan Heussaff during our shoot for Japan Authentic on Life Inspired channel. Best known as The Fat Kid Inside, Erwan has been inspiring people all across Asia with his huge transformation having lost 41 kg. Since then, his Youtube and blog has been a go-to for people who are looking to be inspired in living a healthy life with simple workouts and yummy healthy recipes to try out yourself. He also posts awesome travel vlogs about his adventures around the world.

Check out this video the team and i made and let me know what you think!

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