CAROUSELL LIVE! – Shop For A Good Cause


The Malaysian Red Crescent Society (MRCS) is partnering with Carousell, one of the world’s largest and fastest growing mobile classifieds marketplace for its Carousell LIVE! flea market happening this weekend, 10 and 11 March 2018, at Publika, Solaris Dutamas. The event will be used to raise fund for MRCS’ activities such as the disaster relief operation, health and community service, capacity building as well as in youth development.

The event will provide a physical platform for MRCS to sell their pre-loved goods donated by the public as part of its on-going efforts to raise funds. The items will be listed on Carousell to extend the fundraising’s outreach beyond Klang Valley. Continue Reading

#FavFashFind: Loving This Plus Size Spring Collection!

It’s spring season and I’m loving the collections I see online! I recently came across this new site called Zaful and I can’t wait to get a few things for my Bali Trip! I’ll be heading to Bali with my girlfriends in April, and ordering from sites overseas usually take a while, hence why it’s best to order now!

Wondering about the few things i’m looking at? Check them out, they’re so pretty!

 Pineapple Strappy Skirted Tankini

plus size swim suit malaysia

I just got to have this! Pineapple prints for spring? Why not right?

Or maybe something like this and match it with a pair of short?

Ruffle Leaf Print One Piece Swimsuit

zaful plus size swimsuit malaysia

High Waisted Casual Plus Size Shorts

Or what about this cute skort romper??

Floral Plus Size Skort Romper

I haven’t figured out what exactly I want, plus I’m kinda on a budget, so if you have any suggestions for me please do let me know in the comment section below!

Farm In The City Review: Is It Worth A Visit?

I finally understand the working mum guilt! The guilt you feel of not spending enough time with your baby that is! So when the weekend comes around, I try my best to entertain him and take him out instead of being all cooped up at home all the time. Eidrix’s favourite word at the moment is ‘bird’ and he loves watching birds from our balcony, so i thought he might be interested to see them up close and personal!  Last weekend, i decided to bring Eidrix to Farm In the City. I’ve been seeing a few pictures on my timeline and thought we’d check it out. I just love the idea of exposing him to all the different animals- and to be able to touch them too, that’s just awesome right!

It’s actually been awhile since i’ve wanted to go to Farm In The City, but based on a few reviews i read and the pricing, i wasn’t sure if we should go- but in the end- what the heck? Belum cube belum tahu right? So when we arrived, it was a Sunday afternoon and there weren’t many people there which was great! The entrance is through their gift shop and it’ll bring you to an open area where already you can see birds and chickens just hanging out around the area waiting to be fed! There’s even an area where you can see ostriches, goats and other animals before even heading to the ticket counter.

Ticket prices are as below:

And kids below 90cm enter for free! Yeayy! Continue Reading

How to Get the Best Flower Bouquet in Singapore

A flower bouquet is an appropriate gift to give on any occasion, but a flower bouquet from Little Flower Hut I bought a few days ago is absolutely one of the most beautiful and special gifts I ever gave myself. I bought flowers to simply make myself happy because i simply love fresh flowers. I read some articles on flowers that convince me to buy one myself, and I’m really happy that I did.

I came across Little Flower Hut from their Instagram (@littleflowerhutsg). They have such a HUGE collection of flowers in pretty arrangements. I was excites to get one and immediately went to their website (they provided the link to the website on their Instagram too). There are so many flowers to choose from, and I was kind of having a hard time deciding on one. But I finally decided on a bouquet of Sunflowers since they are really bright and  loud just like me. Haha! Continue Reading

Local Malaysian Brand Plusify Has Some Really Awesome Plus Size Dresses

The best local plus size store for chic and formal dresses in Malaysia (so far).

Finding for plus size dresses in Malaysia is NOT an easy task. Most curvy girls I know end up making their own tailor-made dresses because:

  • not many places cater to plus size women
  • The ones that do are limited in design or size
  • some ready made ones are just too expensive

Among all the places that I’ve looked at, I found that Plusify has some really cute choices and they cater up to size 5 XL! They have over 200 styles of clothes to choose from and their online stock is also increasing by the week. Continue Reading

Floral Midi A-line Dress

online shopping tea length dress

A few months ago, i asked you to help me pick a tea length dress for me to purchase from Dress Lily. There were so many feedback and it was a close call but the winning dress prevailed and it is this gorgeous Floral Midi A-line Dress.

I know it was a few months ago, but i didn’t have the perfect occasion to wear it till the day i went for my husband’s Public Mutual 2018 Sales Kick off event in One World Hotel. The theme was Retro Style outfit and i guess this dress kinda suited the bill. Continue Reading

OSTA- A Females Only Organic Salon & Spa in Publika

massage release tension mummy experience

Being a mum, a working mum mind you, is not easy at all! Besides having to think about work, you go home only to start thinking and preparing things for your baby and then there’s the husband, the laundry, the cleaning… the list goes on and on. So when i was given the opportunity to try out Osta Salon & Spa located in Publika, Solaris Dutamas i was ecstatic because i really needed to get the tension out of my body and just have a moment to myself to relax.

Mummies! You deserve time for yourself!

My husband and i have always agreed that we need our ME time and time with our own friends. So it’s a mutual understanding which i think is really important in a marriage. In this day and age, a majority of couples in a marriage are both working and earning a living, which means that house chores should be equal, taking care of the kids should be equal and before i start to go in depth about equal rights, i’m going to stop myself here and continue with the purpose this post which is the Osta Salon & Spa.

osta salon and spa

Osta Salon and Spa is a female only spa catering to female clients who seek to escape from the hustle and bustle of hectic city life. While i was on the way to Publika, i received a call from Osta who would just like to check and remind me about the appointment. Which is great especially for someone who have so many things on their mind. The outlet is located on UG1 floor facing the main road. I was a bit confused on where to go, as I’m not that familiar with the area, and there was no clear signage of the Spa, which made me walk pass it in the beginning! LOL! Continue Reading

Curvy Fashion On A Budget- Vol 2.- How To Create A Zara Inspired Top Using 2 Shirts

Do you wake up early in the morning only to start starring at your wardrobe for more than half an hour trying to figure out what to wear? Well, me too! And it’s such a norm for hubs to hear “I have nothing to wear!” almost every morning.

So one day, i decided to browse through hubs wardrobe and came up with this:

Plus size curvy fashion style on budget

I combined two of his shirts into one and you can do the same too!

I’ve created a video on how I did this look.  Do give it a try and let me know what you think! Continue Reading

Eidrix’s 1st Birthday Party at Tedboy Bakery @ The School, Jaya One : A REVIEW

Just like any party, it takes 2-3 months(at least)  for planning and in just 2-3 hours, it ends just like that!

Eidrix’s First birthday party was a blast and a success! Although, I must really thank Tedboy Bakery because technically I didn’t have to do much at all. There was a little bit of a hiccup at the beginning, but it was instantly solved thanks to the manager there. So if you’re interested to know more about the party, read on for my full story.

Party: Eidrix 1st Birthday Party
Time: 12.30pm – 3.30pm
Location: Tedboy Bakery @ The School, Jaya One
No of pax: 70 adults, 30-40 kids Continue Reading

This Florist in Singapore Is A Flower Heaven

I had the chance to receive flowers from a friend last week, which is how I got acquainted with A Better Florist – a Singaporean florist that doesn’t resemble any other florist I have ever shopped from. The first impression was indescribable, because the flowers were so beautiful I thought they must have come from a luxurious company that can’t possibly be in Singapore. But then I checked, and I found that that A Better Florist makes the most beautiful flowers Singapore has ever seen.

When you go to their website, you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. The best florist in Singapore has several collections of different blooms, and it’s not just about picking between roses, tulips or daffodils. It’s about the vibe of each bouquet and arrangement. They have their Signature Blooms, Farmer’s Choice, Flower Bunches and other collections. Flowers are beautifully presented in modern mason jars, and elegant burlap wrapping, and each flower creation has a special feel to it. It really is a world where there’s no flower that you can’t find.

Continue Reading