A stranger came up to me in the washroom and said that she’s been wanting to say this to me
A girl at my previous office once came up to me in the washroom (not exactly the most ideal place..
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 Let’s face it, the weather in Malaysia currently is screeching hot, so my ultimate fav at the moment are t-shirt
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unboxing the funky box
Unboxing The Funky Box
So i’ve recently received a package in the mail and i was already excited seeing how big it was. I
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Want to Earn Some Cash Just By Shopping?: ShopBack Gives You Cashback When You Shop Online On Your Favourite Sites.
Do you know that feeling when there’s a sale going on on your favourite online store or when you manage to
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Striped Summer Dress
Mother’s day came along and what do ya know, I had to meet up with mum all the way at
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A Plus Size Girl’s Guide About Purchasing Clothes Online.
If you’re reading this, I bet you’ve had thoughts like: “oh god, I can never shop online” “I’ll need to
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